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oh jeeebus. i know, for you guys this is just watching two american liberal guys coming to the conclusion "we just can't afford afghanistan" but for me with my pathological hypersensitivity it's two jews coming to the conclusion that...etc.

i don't know why i hate friedman so much. it's not like i necessarily disagree with what he says. i'm just thinking "stand up and be a jew! stop trembling!".

quit making excuses, america. do what you're going to do or stfu.

(btw, you could leave afghanistan tomorrow and nothing-i repeat nothing- too crazy or weird will happen.)

i know, for you guys this is just watching two american liberal guys

Thomas Friedman...liberal?


Stewart is an honest moderate. Friedman is a completely sold out moderate.

I am not sure what you want them to do here JB. Should they sing something from fiddler on the roof or just talk about how evil Islam is?

Should they sing something from fiddler on the roof

lordy lordy would i pay to see that.

I think the first comment forgets that most of us hate religion on this page. Stand up and be a jew? Stand up and be an atheist.

Freidman has been all over the place as far as the wars are concerned. He's another asshole who was cheerleading for the Bush administration, just like Chris Matthews, Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan, and damn near everyone else in the press corps. So why should I listen to him now?

Stand up and be a jew? Stand up and be an atheist.

i dunno, is he an atheist also? he doesn't sound like one. too trembly.

How can you be a jew and an atheist? Last time I checked judaism was a religion; an atheist rejects religion.

Why doesn't Jon call Friedman on all of his moronic opinions he's had since 9/11? Look at his most recent column where he still holds to the opinion that the Iraq invasion was a good idea.

How can you be a jew and an atheist?

i have no idea but the history of atheism until this day seems to be chock full of them. actually i do have an idea, lots of ideas about this but i don't want to bore anyone (again). the fact remains.

Bleh! Except for a minor admission of being wrong about Iraq (but with the best of intentions, of course!), it's the same old Thomas Friedman. The U.S. is bombing and invading all these third world countries for the good of everyone, and if something goes wrong it's because these people are backwards and corrupt and don't appreciate the "help" America selflessly is forcing upon them.

No one comments on it, of course, but Obama when making the case for the escalation chose to emphasize that this was in the "national interest of the United States". Oh, really? I guess that's all that matters, right? Anything goes if it is deemed to be in the national interest of the aggressor. I mean, what better excuse to drop bombs is there?

And I really hate it when liberals such as Stewart says things like "we HAD to invade Afghanistan... we HAD to". The hell you did!

He really turned my stomach with the "we all over reacted to 9/11"

no we didn't and some of us aren't paid to have smart opinions.

If you are paid to have opinions and it takes you more than a year to calm down and think clearly, you are in the wrong line of work.

he didn't say that...he said "as a country, we over-reacted," and I couldn't agree more. I was one of the (purported) 5% who opposed the afghanistan war in 2001 (I was a counter protester at a PRO-war rally in - get this - downtown Seattle, and almost got mobbed). I think it is clear that the country over-reacted, and we are still suffering the consequences of that.

Ummm, what commercial came on when the video was over for you all?

Now that I'm done laughing...

This interview seemed to be a lot about nothing. It's difficult to justify this continued military action, so Obama's trotted out language from the past, including this being in our "national interest." Meanwhile back at GOP hq, they were trotting out all of the criticism's reserved for war actions taken by Democratic presidents.

On top of that, Friedman couldn't keep up with most basic witticism's of Stewart's, the whole thing just dragged on for me. It's probably just as well they didn't discuss Friedman's book.


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