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The Unconsidered Life - A.C. Grayling



Not to be nitpicky but - I always thought it was the unexamined life? But, maybe the translation would just be up for grabs? Anyway - doesn't take anything away from the vid.

One should never be apologetic about being nitpicky. Lack of precision is a major failing in our present culture. I am very tired of hearing "Well, you know what I mean!" when clearly I don't. Words are referents for thoughts and ideas which are likely to be understood imperfectly when expressed imprecisely. Keep it up, jill.

I think 'unconsiderered' is an acceptable alternative translation. I think it is perhaps even more appropriate than 'unexamined,' given the context. One can examine something thoroughly (as some Christians think they do) without the objective of making a decision. To consider (or reconsider) something implies a decision could be made. (consider: to think carefully about, esp. in order to make a decision) Examine just means "to inspect," though it doesn't mean you'll do anything about it. I doubt that's what Socrates had in mind.

"Most people would rather die than think; most people do." Priceless.


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