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Storm by Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin's brilliant & witty demolition of irrationality in all its many guises - with rolling text from me -all in the medium of a 9-minute beat poem.

(tip to Robinson)



I've heard this somewhere, but I can't remember where. Thanks for posting it.

It was in the forum some months back.

Pretty good, but does glide over the fact that a drug industry driven by profits does make for some pretty perverse incentives.

I think your statement begs the question (in the fallacious sense).


Right. "A drug industry driven by profits makes for some pretty perverse incentives" i.e., profits!

I don't disagree with the conclusion, just the validity.

It only begs the question in a society that sees the profit-motive as fait accompli for all eternity.

The more sick people are and the more drugs you can convince them to take the more profits you make = perverse incentives.

Add to that the fact that some sick people have more money than other sick people = even more perverse incentives (on where the research funding goes).

But that "Big Pharma" can be corrupt doesn't mean anything regarding the validity of alt-meds. Somehow alt-med proponents always like to twist the corruption to their advantage. Nope, it doesn't make alt-meds any more believable than they already are (not much).

Besides, what Minchin is actually criticizing is not alt-meds per se, but just New Age bullshit in general.

Hence, "Pretty good, but..."

Yesterday I freaked out and watched and listened to probably 30 or so various videos and online songs, much to the detriment of my paper. This guy is my new favorite artist. Was anybody else so enamored?

OH! No "tip to Robinson" eh?


Glad this made the front page...

lol! thanks... and red is a nice festive touch.


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