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Rachel Maddow on Religious Test in NC

Cecil Bothwell of North Carolina is back in the news. My understanding is that he has been sworn in, as shown in the story Rachel Maddow did last night. It seems those wanting a religious test in NC have not given up their fight.

On a side note, Rachel does a great job covering this issue and seems to give some honest and fair coverage to the nonbelievers. Another reason to pay that cable bill every month.

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The point that religious people should probably stop attacking the religious freedom clause seems so self-evident as to be ludicrous. I'm starting to think these people aren't too bright.

As if North Carolina needs another reason for intelligent people to leave that shit hole of a state. Or is shit-hole hyphenated? I hate to be ungrammatical and vulgar at the same time. I can't imagine how anyone who was in the top 50% of their graduating high school class or bothered to spend even one year in a university would choose to stay there.

I can't even believe that people are actually having this argument. This is 2009, right? Or is it 1009 a.d.? It seems that conservatives are very nostalgic for the Middle Ages and desperately want us to return to the era of monarchs and surfs and the clergy. I think that I am a liberal exactly because I feel myself not to be part of the elite and want to protect my rights from the rapacious few and the bible thumpers.

The outer banks are delightful.

The trend is actually working in reverse for NC. Like Virginia, they are gaining more and more educated people. Northern democrats moving down to enjoy those mild winters along with growing education and income amongst the long time residents is making the state a future prospect for Democratic candidates.

This particular instance is as much about opposing the liberals, that are seen as northern, than it it is about religion.

Notice that the Black religious (likely democrats) and the White religious republicans are on the same team here but couldn't manage to defeat this guy in the actual election.

It's not as if all of North Carolina is like this, but I feel your frustration as I lived there for 7 years. The research triangle, the triad, and Asheville are all pretty liberal. The outer banks are quite wonderful; i just hope they can keep things low key and not worry so much about money (this is a problem in my fav - Ocracoke).

There are certainly some bad pockets in NC, but places other than what I mentioned above are generally a good mix. News organizations, however, have a tendency to interview to dumbest shitheads (no hyphen I b'lieve) to live in the state every time there's a natural disaster - oi!

Now South Carolina, there's some crazy shit to live in!

And fundies wonder why Atheists get so upset by them persecuting us. Fundies put Atheism on par with a felony and want to do with Atheists as they did with the Jews in Nazi Germany.

The religious did this with Herb Silverman a few years back. He wanted to be a notary public and had to go to court to remind everyone that Atheists can hold public office too.


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