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Man Becomes Metaphor for America

This story starts out with a sad reality, introduces a sad fantasy, and then rounds it out with a very sad reality.

It reminds me of how my country has reacted nationally to the challenges of Healthcare, Global Warming, or the global economy. We will just sit there and wait for a miracle to occur.

Here is the story: Man dies after sitting in recliner for eight months

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (NBC) -- Believing his faith would heal him, a Greenwood County, South Carolina man sat down in his recliner after an injury in March and never got up.

On Thursday, his wife explained why he stayed in the recliner until shortly before he died.

"The man totally believed in God and his healing," said Ada Webb.



I know what hell is now: Having to live in that trailer and watch and listen and smell what must have gone on there for that eight months.

It is sad from the perspective of people who wouldn't sit in that recliner waiting for god to fix things. I wonder if those that die because they relied on religion rather than science are at peace with that.

Naturally, believers will loudly object to this case being help up as representative of their views because they would never behave as these two loony tunes did (and they wouldn't, of course). My suspicion is that had these guys had the money in the beginning, or if they hadn't been asked for it at all as a condidtion of being treated, this wouldn't have happened at all. A 500-pound man isn't long for this world in any case though.

It is hard to not view this in the metaphorical sense - as Reed has suggested . . . and watching and hearing it is another kind of hell.

I wonder if those that die because they relied on religion rather than science are at peace with that.

They are dead. I think they are at peace with pretty much everything.


So let's go to the wife. Was she at peace with it? Was the man at peace with it while he was going down hill on god's will?

I imagine there were some tearful moments as he much have realized that if god was out there, he clearly wasn't on the short list for help.

So, not I think that while living there was probably a lot of unrest with their neglectful god. But they have told so often that he is out there if you believe hard enough, so they likely blamed themselves.

The woman is likely: 1. Glad it is over 2. Lying to herself that the guy is somehow better off. 3. More depressed about her own life sucking than the fact that he is taking a dirt nap.

...that comment was almost English.


Many people are all about their faith and the evils of science until they ride an elevator, have a headache, or birth a baby in a hospital.

This man had more faith than the lot of them put together...

and look what happened.

Oh also... and maybe I'm a horrible judgmental person for thinking this and a worse person for typing this out, but when I read this line:

“If I feel anything right now, it’s envy for him because I wish he had taken me with him,“ said Webb.

the first thought that crossed my mind was "yea... I kinda wish he had taken you with him, too."

Where ever the poop and bedsore covered 500 pound religious man went...

Lets just say we aren't better off if he started a trend. And it is beyond bizarre that this woman doesn't want to be a million miles away from that guy after 8 painful months.

Lets just say we aren't better off if he started a trend.

"we", kimosabe? i'd say "we" (rational people) are better off if he started a trend. that doesn't mean this is the sort of thing i would wish on anyone.

i see pureneumena is worried about going to far. let me help him/her overcome his/her feelings of guilt in this matter: maybe ther'll be more cheezburgers to go around now.

norm, loved the title of the post. glad to see you on the ball.

sorry, reed, i see that was your headline. well done.


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