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The Santa thing - such a sense of humor news analysts have! They could have at least pointed out that Santa is thin in Europe!! ah to have so much time on my hands...

As for the ducks - happy holidays! Every time I cook a Muscovy or Pekin I'll end up thinking of this article.

For critical thinking - this mirrors a conversation I had at a party (woohoo; i know; good times - no, really) where a guy and I were discussing not knowing and being OK with it. Since he's a major computer geek and has done a lot of study and work with artificial and human intelligence processes, we got into the tendency of many humans to follow a religion in some manner of speaking too. The gist was not that those who are religious don't think critically, but that they find more comfort having a god or gods as answer(s) to the unknown as opposed to not knowing.

More on the Santa thing: apparently the Pennsylvania Medical Society is asking families to leave out carrots and celery as opposed to bourbon and cookies.

Sooo glad I'm in Iowa now.


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