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    • I've been doing some more reading of Padgett Powell's The Interoggative Mood: A Novel? and came across this question.
      Are you familiar with the joke that features a female soda jerk asking a boy brandishing two new toy pistols, "Do you want your nuts crushed?"
      I'm familiar with the joke, are you?

    • Accidents of Life
      Darwinian theory was the best idea of all time, but why did it take so long to evolve? And what if we had 16 fingers?

      If you have overdosed on Darwin this anniversary year, the great man himself is partly to blame: he was inconsiderate enough to publish On the Origin of Species when he was exactly 50. The resulting coincidence of sesquicen tennial with bicentennial was bound to excite the anniversary-tuned antennae of journalists and publishers. Anniversaries are arbitrary, of course, dependent on the accident of our having ten fingers. If we had evolved with eight instead, we would have to suffer centenaries after only 64 (decimal) years, and style gurus would prate about the changing fashions of octaves instead of decades.

    • Weekly Ezine for Democrats
    • Holy God - A Comedy Christmas Carol by Chad Irvine (tip to Chris)



Hey Norm - I think your link to Amazon is broken

How's that work, by the way? Can I search for a book after clicking on it, and put it on my cart to buy it later, or do I have to buy on the same session?

You can buy it later.


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