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  • Bah, Hanukkah The holiday celebrates the triumph of tribal Jewish backwardness.
    High on the list of idiotic commonplace expressions is the old maxim that "it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." How do such fatuous pieces of folk wisdom ever get started on their careers of glib quotation? Of course it would be preferable to light a candle than to complain about the darkness. You would only be bitching about the darkness if you didn't have a candle to begin with. Talk about a false antithesis. But at this time of year, any holy foolishness is permitted. And so we have a semiofficial celebration of Hanukkah, complete with menorah, to celebrate not the ignition of a light but the imposition of theocratic darkness.

    The holiday celebrates the triumph of tribal Jewish backwardness.
  • You Shouldn't Have
    The economic argument for never giving another gift.

  • An old favorite (thanks to Pedantsareus)
  • I'm currently viewing the fourth season of Outrageous Fortune , I must say how much I'm enjoying this program. A little too much reliance on sex, but nevertheless, entertaining as hell. Thank you New Zealand. You do have some interesting slang, root, rooter, oh my. There is a plumbing company in the United States called Roto-Rooter, I'll never view one of their ads in the same way.



I love the "Galaxy Song"! I do, however, like the original film version more: (portions might be NSFW)

George Will, whom I don't read often, made a similar argument against gift giving. If you want to give someone a gift, regardless of the time of year, ask what they might want or need. It could be said, tho, if someone has the means, they might just buy what they want or need. Maybe just a card would do.

Not to nitpick on the awesome song, but the expansion of the universe is not limited by the speed of light. The distance between two objects can increase at an arbitrarily fast rate, as long as it's SPACE that is expanding. Love your site, by the way. Keep it up!

Bah, Hanukkah The holiday celebrates the triumph of tribal Jewish backwardness.

I like Samantha Bee's way of explaining this:

"And Jews celebrate Hanukkah, when...their oil...lasted longer than they thought it would."


Since you mentioned New Zealand and I know that you guys appreciate this kind of stuff this is a campaign being run by the Humanist Society of New Zealand in Wellington New Zealand:

The campaign is being funded by donations:



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