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re: israels soul- gee, norm, i always thought you were unconcerned with the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between jewish israelis, preferring to think of us all as facist warmongers. :) (which, of course, we are.)

this was a fairly decent piece of reporting, tho i object to the spin in many instances. i was impressed that the guy managed to film inside the main synogogue of the belz hassidim in jerusalem- even i would have a hard time getting in there, they're really suspicious of strangers.

when they interview anat hoffman about bus segregation you get to see a bus stop in a particularly unattractive part of jerusalem where i unfortunately spend a lot of time waiting for the bus. never been on one of the "separate seating" ones, though i have in america, where the separation is left/right instead of front/back.


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