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    But, thirty years on, it wouldn’t be made today, argues Sanjeev Bhaskar.


    Hah - a friend of mine said that while taking out the trash, he ran into a guy muttering about looking for Alanis Morissette and/or Jesus. My friend thought the guy must be crazy, so he went back inside quickly. I let him know that the 2 go together and recommended the flick.

    That was filmed in Pittsburgh, I once worked out of an office from around the corner from the church in the seen with Alanis. Its abandoned and I think would be the coolest music venue. I also got to meet a woman from the county film board that got to see buddy jesus in person. I girl I dated claimed to know the kids that played the skater demons.

    That's my story.

    I was going to mention Dogma myself, then came here and seen it had already been mentioned. Another might be the Billy Connolly starring movie, "The Man Who Sued God" or perhaps closer and more recent, Ricky Gervais in "The Invention of Lying".

    On another note, I had an interesting dream this morning. I dreamed I was driving down the road with my dad, who's religious, and I think it was near Xmas or something, and for some reason he asked me if I wanted to read the 10 commandments. In the dream I took it as him trying to recruit me or something, and I said "NO" rather forcefully. In which I then told him since he knows I'm an atheist that it's disrespectful and that he should accept my beliefs, or more rightfully accept that they are my choice and respect my right to choose for myself. I think this got in my subconscious because of a post here on OGM your "Atheist Billboard stirs God debate" and the woman in it who says basically the same thing to the priest that showed up asking the atheist group to be open to revelation. By the way, one of the commenters there found the audio recording of the entire 2 hour meeting. Really great.

    Anyway, continuing on with my dream, or my idea right after waking up, I'm not sure, it's blurry, of me getting into an imaginary debate with my dad about how the god of the bible, is a worse that Dexter. Somehow in my scenario, I think my dad used my watching of Dexter as some sort of reason why I need to find god or am in trouble of being lead astray. So I make a few points about how I am aware that Dexter is a fictional character, and although not the perfect role model, God is a worse role model, and more dangerous, since many believe he is real and more than that, the ideal moral authority. I pointed out for instance how Dexter, while of course being questionable, at least has a code that requires him to kill people who he can prove to be serial killers. I think there is some story in the bible where God wipes out an entire town, including all the innocent babies, because of his judgement that the adults are living in sin. I also thought about a recent Dexter episode where Dexter makes a mistake and kills an innocent man he believed to be a serial killer, only to find out it was actually the guys assistant. This is a good argument for why Dexter is certainly fallible, and why his way of life should remain a fiction. But I thought of the character of god. If god is omniscient then he is fully aware that when he wipes out an entire town that he is killing lots of innocent babies and such along with the ones he deems sinners.

    Anyway, I haven't really fleshed it out much more than that, as it's just something I dreamed and then thought about, but I think it would be a cool essay or something, a literary comparison between god, as a literary character, and Dexter, and their respective stories and moral dilemmas and implications and whatnot. I will probably never write it, unless I ever decided to go back to University and do a Masters and PhD in religious studies or something. I think it would be interesting though.

    What about The Passion of the Christ. That movie was hilarious.

    It's about this guy who is born at the same time as Brian, and people confuse him for some kind of messiah too.

    Meh, The Passion of the Christ was mostly slapstick. Nowhere near the comedy genius of Monty Python IMO.

    Not that there's anything wrong with getting a good laugh out of people getting brutally flayed and nailed to things.

    to be honest, I haven't seen it, but you may be right, as with all the bad comedies, they put the only funny parts in the trailer.

    Wow Trevor, don't you realise that God, in his infinite wisdom and mercy, only killed the innocents so that they cold go straight to Heaven, to be with Him and to worship Him for ever. It was a bit like the Inquisition burning heretics alive so they could get to Heaven with a final chance of recantation. All done with the best possible intentions.

    All done with the best possible intentions.

    I know, right? I, for one, will be sure to bring that up if I'm ever on trial for murder. Instant acquittal!

    Apologies - " ..COULD go straight to Heaven .."


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