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Gypsy's Music in honor of

Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Christmas, Mithras, Kwanzaa, and any other occasion that people will love or detest, plus bonus music that has no religious affiliation! This will be taken care of mostly through short pieces and songs, so a trip to iTunes might be the quickest, although I'm linking to the full recordings where I can find them. So here's the cornucopia of music to make your yuletide merry and/or remind you of the dreariness of winter. A win-win, I say. Go ahead and contradict me on that point; it's likely I'll be stuck in Des Moines until the storm blows over anyway. cheers!

for Saturnalia - The Feast of Fools: Orientis partibus (from out of the east), track 8 on the Sinners and Saints CD with Philip Pickett and the New London Consort, Éditions L'oiseau-lyre.

for Winter Solstice: Hymn to the Sun, track 6 of Musique de la Grèce Antique, with Atrium Musicae de Madrid under the direction of Gregorio Paniagua on the Harmonia Mundi label. This tune was found in Vicenzo Galilei's collection and the ensemble did their best to interpret the notation.

as close to Mithras as i could get: this excerpt from the Office of Paraklisis, on Sister Marie Keyrouz's Melchite Sacred Chant and on the collection Ancient Voices; both CDs are on the Harmonia Mundi label

Christmas: Franz Biebl Ave Maria as performed by Chanticleer on Our Heart's Joy: A Chanticleer Christmas. This is a wonderful setting of Ave Maria. If you're not religious and don't comprehend any latin and are on permanent hiatus from Christmas, you should still listen to this performance. 5 stars - on the Chanticleer Records, put out in 1990, long before the group switched style formats.

for the winter doldrums: 2 songs of unrequited love in the cold season. From The Four Seasons with Joculatores Upsalienses on the BIS label: track 18 Winder dîniu meil (winter has finally gotten the best of summer, and btw, his lover's heart is also cold) by Neithart von Reuenthal and track 19 Der Winter ist ein strengen Gast (winter is hard; all my love has gotten me is a string of pearls; pearls symbolize tears) by Michael Praetorius.

general yuletide: Thys Yool the title track (#6), performed by the Martin Best Ensemble. It really is in English, just 14th pronunciation. This tune basically says forget your trouble, c'mon get happy!

for Kwanzaa: Steve Wilson's Ujima (for cooperation, work and responsibility) on his New York Summit CD put out by Criss Cross jazz a few years back.

for no holiday at all, by a turn of the 20th Century atheist: Leos Janácek Mladi (Youth) performed by Ensemble Walter Boeykens on the Harmonia Mundi label.

for "cheer" and doldrums: Tom Waits's live CD Glitter and Doom on the Anti- label.

That should cover it for winter. I come up empty with a theme for next week, so if you ave any non-holiday/festival related ideas, post a suggestion or 3.



i don't know any of this stuff, but i like tom waits. :)

and i know chanticleer- he was a rooster, wasn't he?

Well, next week is the beginning of the new year, but i'm not sure that this topic would be ripe with ideas. All I can think of is auld lang syne and the Blue Danube for Austrians.

Norm, you have excellent taste(s) in music!

This is pretty loosely related but something about beginnings/first "hits"?

jill and joanne, I'll think over your suggestions. Internet availability is limited where I'm staying, so there'll be time to consider the possibilities, which will be endless.

jonathan, ya, chanticleer is a rooster. I just checked their website, and

Named for the “clear-singing” rooster in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Chanticleer was founded in 1978 by tenor Louis Botto

my mom z"l was a scholar of medeival literature. she used to read it to me when i was little.

i think she left out the raunchy bits. chaucer was pretty porn-tastic, you know.

yes, Wife of Bath and all that. If you can get into the old English, it's even funnier in that dialect I think. maybe not; I was jes young and impressionable.

Don'cha know I picked janacek just to extend last week...


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