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Gypsy's Möbius Strip

The end? the beginning?

For starters:

Guillaume de Machaut Ma fin est mon commencemnet et mon commencement ma fin (My end is my beginning and my beginning, my end) - track 13 on this CD. Machaut was the man in French Ars Nova music, as this crafty 3-voice rondeau proves.

Zip on up from the 14th Century to the end of the 20th Century:

Lowell Liebermann Gargoyles, Op. 29 (last 4 tracks on this CD). Liebermann is both fresh and traditional in his writing. Check out his other stuff - all just a google and wiki page away.

Hop over the millenium to

Jennifer Higdon Concerto for Orchestra. Sure, she's a flutist so I'll be somewhat biased, but composer 1st. Higdon writes in a variety of styles, and the Concerto is a great descendant of Bartók's great work for orchestra.

Last somewhat circular piece takes you back a week (and 20+ years) and forward a year:

The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping. On this CD it's the final track. Couldn't leave 2009 without a final commercial reference.

Happy New Year to you and yours!



Wow - loved the Liebermann and Higdon pieces.

Wow indeed. I love the percussion in the Higdon Concerto. It was a delightful way to begin my new year.

Yay! Glad you're enjoying the music. You kinda have to be an early music buff to dig Machaut, but it sets the theme.

Happy New Year!


Machaut crab motet, whatever. His Mass mesmerizes. Fine. Fin. The Chantilly codex takes the Ars even further, nova only subtiler, subtilior, polymetry recapitulaties pitch-scalary, Franconian Pythagoreanithm, Yup.

Too bad the moderns still aren't smart enough, post-Zarlino, to do the same ;).

Everything old is new again. Coltrane medievalized after being tuned on, turned into Hindemith/Hindoo myth by my ol' pal Zita Carno, vegan.

Ahhhh, Serendip.


Ms. Higdon?

A bit Hindoomeththieanmessieaencoplandish. Glass bowls not glass beads game music.

Spitzflotsam. Jetblacksome.

Janus Uranus. Kronos.

Okay. But...Slapped ash, very nicely orca-castrated but, well ... Machaut's David's Hiccup raucs:

Yes we have no death spiral. The universe is a torus. Nietzsche's, all of us's, fin is our graduation.

Thanks for the wild comments philoph's tone anew - go ahead and register. Then whilst I'm out of town your comments will be posted right away.


I've been playing the Higdon over again (in my head). It sort of grows on you. "Serious" music that is actually listenable. What an odd concept!

So my end is my beginning is a rondeau, not a bon mot, tette, yes, no isorhythmoid tenor?


Good stuff. The association with churches killed vocal "Art" (not Elvis). Cantata

Does Death exist?

We don't end, we ...bend. Our Kantian categories are tuned to experience Pythagorean/P. de Vitry Threes: three space dimensions at a time. Reality is more Quintessential, if not infinite: Mon incommencement est mon infin...dodecaphony in icosahedral hyper spacetime Pythagorhythms as projective geometry, yeah?




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