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Gypsy's Antidote to the CSH

I thought it would go away. Then there I am, walking around and I hear "Gimme that Chri-" aw, geez; not again. If this is happening to you, take heart: rap wasn't the 1st music with incessant, repetitive melodies. Thus, this week's 3:

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in C Minor. 4 movements of struggle and triumph based on 4 notes; you can't ask for much more repetition.

Then again, there's Franz (Ferenc) Liszt Les Preludes. What is life but a series of preludes? Or is that just 3 notes?

For those feeling gloomy about war, listen to Richard Strauss Death and Transfiguration (Tod und Verklärung). Winner with 6 notes as the main motive.

Disclaimer: although I'm a doctor, these musical antidotes have not been tested in a study. Side effects may include holding your hand in "V for victory," looking for fate outside your door, singing all 3 big themes as one big garbled mess. And - oh, I'm not a medical doctor.



All I needed was the 30 second previews - and I am so STOKED!

I feel really stupid asking this, but what the heck is CSH?

I think it might be Christmas Season Hell. Or something to that effect. And I concur. Thanks gypsy sister.

It's this. If you don't watch the video you won't need the antidote. Still, the music's worth it, and there's no dilution.

Oh, that. I think I saw about three seconds of it before turning it off. That was more than enough. A better antidote for me is Anonymous 4 On Yoolis Night. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I love that CD.

Don't forget Deep Purple's smoke on the water, parodied by The Kids in the Hall in with the comment "The Holy Trinity of Rock!" "e a b e a b a"


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