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Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down

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Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down
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ah, fetchin' gretchen. my secret shiksa crush. please don't post any more clips featuring this woman, norm, i am forbidden by my religion from even thinking about this woman. :)

sigh. s-MOKIN'.

when she said she had to look it up when someone called her an ignoramous i laughed hysterically in unabashed infatuation. when she played the violin, it sounded like klezmer to me.

sigh. sweet, sweet gretchen, my scandinavian dreamboat.

this was totally misogynistic, btw. but in the BEST way. :)

You have a crush on this woman? Wait - which version - the Stanford/Oxford or the FOX noise edition?

The Sarasate piece translates to Gypsy Airs. Those Roms have a great way of incorporating every culture they encounter in their travels, and the other way around. Back to my trip to India (see recent links comment), a clarinetist playing klezmer was asked by a local how he knew so much about Indian music.

Small correction - Carlson had to look up ignoramus when it was used to refer to Obama, not herself. Given the clip, I can see where you might have thought she was the recipient. By the by, if Chavez is calling O an ignoramus, does that lessen our prez's socialist cred?

which version - the Stanford/Oxford or the FOX noise edition?

oh, the fox noise edition. all that fancy education is wasted on a fine woman like that.

i hope you know by now when i'm kidding, sistah.

thanx for the correction and musical background, btw.

small addition: culture is fluid, and music is included. Don't wanna go on too much, so I'll leave it at that.

culture is fluid, and music is included.

check. roger. received. i can see why you wouldn't want to write an essay on the topic. a bit disappointed, tho.

i'm in one of those periods where i have to sit in front of a computer all the times and it's driving me a bit mad. can you tell? it's only till tomorrow then i get a break, so i can put some ointment on the wounds caused by the neck and ankle shackles.

i think i heard what i wanted to hear, that she herself had been accused of being an ignoramous. i mean, it's a much better line:

"somebody called me an ignoramous and i had to look it up"-


Maybe she fell and hit her head after she graduated from college.

It's common among psychopaths to feign a more obvious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, for years in order to avoid prison. Perhaps this woman is a psychopath?

I remember once watching fox and friends and Janeane Garafolo was on and she started quoting a variety of writers and the host kept up with her handily after a half hour of speaking with folksy ignorance. One might consider then that this could also be a trap for unsuspecting and moderately educated liberals.


George W. went to Yale and that didn't make him smart. We're "educating" millions of idiots every day in this country, many of them in our most prestigious universities.

True, but W was a legacy. How did Carlson get in?

Then again, apparently Stanford has some policy that you can drop a class any time during the semester. So, come December, you think you're not gonna get the happy grade, you drop the class. When you sign up the next time, it's mostly review.


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