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Iowa - on the for front of civil rights and gay rights. Yes, take that NY and CA!

The thing that angers and saddens me about this is that of all the "issues" that the US has right now to resolve, this one is the most clear-cut, if you set aside religion and ignorance.

It's so easy to fix!

to quote rabbi sarah silverman- "it doesn't matter if you're gay, or bisexual...they're both totally gross".

the meta-message i get from this is "we're all totally gross. let's stop judging each other based on grossness. there are more important criteria".

as i've said before, the translation of the hebrew word "to'eva" to "abomination" has caused no end of trouble.

of course, jews shouldn't practice homosexuality. because it's a to'eva. :)

so what is a better translation?

I also heard that the translation of the description of Mary (Jesus's mom) should mean young girl rather than virgin. Yes/no?


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