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Finally Tonight, Jesus...

One of the images in this video looks more like Darth Vader.



hey i wanna find an image in a rock that'll make me quit drinking and smoking too!

is the youtube link w/SS for the Mr. Deity post?

no, the mr.diety post wasn't up yet. i was trying to make a funny about how it isn't fair that only christians get to have healthy, life-changing epiphinys because of some rorschak they find in a rock. also i think the song is catchy as hell.

Norm, you should post this damning evidence. I also have some Virgin Mary pareidolia but they're vagina pictures so they're not appropriate to post here. The resemblance is also uncanny though.

Depending on which part of Mary they're depicting, it may not even be pareidolia...

I'll see your Jesus-in-a-grilled-chesse-sandwich and raise you a Virgin-Mary-in-a-condom.

I am sure the pope is unhappy.

Did you see Darth Vader in the shirt folds? Come to the dark side...

Chessus - O.M.G.

And on the toe? Was that toe Cheesus??

I have seen Gustav haler in the wood knot in my room at summer camp. It might've been Einstein though. What does this mean?????

Here's more pareidolia for you. I see a black man that looks like a white man that looks like a black man from early 90's television.

Every one of those images was at least 1,000 worse than even the most miserable police artist sketch of a criminal. This ridiculous lunacy has done some good in the world: it has spawned an infinite outpouring of parodies. My favorite is a story my brother wrote called The Shroud of Ernie in which a skid mark in some slob's underwear provoked similar claims of a likeness (this time to Elvis--something borrowed from Bloom County).

Here's a little side note: if a TV program reports this shit (pardon the word choice considering the recent reference) then you aren't a news program.

Part of me wants to laugh at this and part of me wants to put someting in the drinking water that makes everyone sterile. Can I do both?

I was gonna link this, but I though people might be eating while reading. Since you brought it up, though...

I have a T-shirt made of a CNN headline. "Jesus seen in kittens swirly fur."

Are they dumbasses who don't even realize why that T-shirt is funny (see here, they sell it themselves!), or are they geniuses "reporting" ridiculous bullshit just so they can make billions on ironic T-shirts?

You Decide.

I got mine in brown.

About 1:50 into the video there is a man named Joel Cruzado who is described in his lower third as a "Photographed Image."

First off the words are somewhat redundant, but more importantly, I didn't know one could be identified as a "Photographed Image."


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