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Church Cancelled

tip to Tom



The church of Imaginary Make Believe Land (CIMBL)sounds something like D&D only with singing.

Fun, but probably still to silly for my tastes.

I found it only mildly amusing I prefer the House style snark. I was curious how the Onion bit would be received and so decided to post it.

I think the "No God" joke didn't get me laughing, but the little old lady sounding disappointed because she was going to die but was lonely, got me laughing. True and in terrible taste.

The hose joke you posted was not a haha funny for me. The scene was so short and house was being so reasonable that the punch line didn't exactly make me want to laugh.

Great episode though.

the House joke...

I am sure a hose joke would have been hilarious.

I can't see the clip cause I don't have QT installed, but I saw the ep. That's not supposed to be a funny snark though (just a regular one), they were asking for one of the dead brother's organs for Wilson's buddy who was dying.

i thought it was hysterical. i like house a lot, too. i think teh onion is getting better all the time. in fact, i'm stoked!


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