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And So This Is Christmas, and What Have You Done?

December 8 was the 29th Anniversary of John Lennon's death. He asked people to Imagine no religion but he also asked this pointed question about what they have done. If you believe in peace, go out and get it.



Thanks for that, Reed.

ah yes, lennon's yahrtzeit, thanks for the reminder. what a waste. i miss the sentimental, crabby, confrontational old bastard. and his buddies in that band they used to have before he grew a concience, what were they called, i forget.

ablolutely fab, thanks. :) actually very clever, i sent it to some friends of mine who consider themselves historians.

This is irrelevant spam with a link to a site that advertises payday loans.

I vote to delete this post.

Done. I was wondering about that one, but couldn't open it on my mobile.


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