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Secular Xmas Carol/ Secret Goat Santa Program

Boing Boing just featured this. Good song and nice idea for a charitable donation. Mr T-Cash recomends Oxfam that does the same sort of work without Religious affiliation. I believe Heifer International also doesn't have a religious affiliation despite religion being involved in its founding.

If you are celebrating and Atheist Christmas next week, you can also Check out Vienna Teng's Atheist Christmas Carol.



World Vision is a very Christian charity.. not quite agnostic.

They may have a reasonable reputation as a charity, but to think that any fraction of my money might be diverted to funding missionary work is unacceptable.

Oxfam wins out. They also have similar programs to buy farm animals

We stumbled upon Pomplamoose a few months ago with their rendition of single ladies:

also awesome :)

and I agree with the above comment about oxfam.

yeah, i love that rendition of "single ladies" too. this is of much lower quality, tho, imo.

If you're interested in giving money internationally and having 100% of it go to its intended recipient, I go to Nicaragua each year with an organization called Students for 60,000 that has done incredibly extensive work creating biointensive farms, clean water projects and feeding 1800 school children every school day through a project called Comedor Escolar. We also do livestock programs like the one mentioned in the video and build homes for the needy. The list goes on. If you would like to have your money invested in the same work, with none of it going to any missionary programs, I would say Students for 60,000, has a pretty impressive track record and gets a lot done.


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