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Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

tip to Joel



I almost don't know how to react to some of The Onion news skits. Are they making fun of Glenn Beck? Or are they making fun of people who hate Glenn Beck? Or are they just aiming for the absurd?

Usually I think it's the absurd, but with pieces like this, I'm not so sure. It almost seems like they're making fun of us. Which is fine... it just seems ambiguous.

I think it also makes fun of our obsession with the tragedy of the individual In a world full of mass tragedy. The general absurdity comes from taking the vitriol of our political climate and put it in the mouths of regular Americans doing something unrelated.

It was funny, regardless

I think it's a pretty funny take on the polarizing character Glenn Beck. There probably is no one ambivalent about Beck; he's either loved, hated or seen as a clown. Interestingly, Beck sees himself as an entertainer instead of an opinion maker or newsman. I suspect he is more of a dancing monkey for whomever the organ grinder is, CNN or Fox. His story and opinions change depending on who is paying him. Eighteen months ago, after a botched surgery and difficult recovery, he reported on CNN how bad the health care was in this country for the "average" guy. Now, when Murdock writes the check and Roger Ailes writes the script, the USA has the best health care in the world.

That was in pretty bad taste, but I still couldn't stop laughing.


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