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Sean Hannity Apologizes to Jon

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Sean Hannity Apologizes to Jon
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OMG - was that baconnaise and a corndog?

No, it was most likely baconaise and a pancake wrapped sausage. See example here at about 2:15.

Jon Stuart Reponse to Jindal.

It was enjoyable to see him use that joke again.

I wonder if that was the SAME jar!

If you watch this at work, be prepared to explain your silly giggling. However, while I don't recommend that you watch it at work, it is preferable to reading the Spiritual Healing link at work - the laughing I did over that would be even more uncomfortable to explain.

You just tell them it's a members only thing.

Right - if the subject is Viagra - I'll remember.

I lost it when the teddy bear hung himself.


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