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Sarah Palin Supporters Are Ignorant

(tip to Patrick and many others)



Why do you hate Obama?

"Well, I think that all the good things he is doing are lies. And at chuurch they tell me he is secretly doing evil things."

It's hard to trust your own senses in the modern era. Best to trust your church and a corporate propaganda machine to come up with thoughts for you.

Ignorant. And proud of it.

Excuse me, I must go vomit.

I agree. That was incredibly painful to watch. I was torn between hysterical laughter and tears of desperation.

The meek aren't inheriting the earth. The morons are.

Arg - I just can not make it through all of this. To be fair, a crowd of Obama supporters - or Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich - may yield similar interviews.

The idea that Palin would help with economy - decrease spending, blah blah blah - is sooo laughable given her record as governor. But hey - she was better than Murkowski!

I would have to disagree. I've found that most Ron Paul, and Kucinish supports to have almost encyclopedic knoledge of the issues that are important to them... but they tend to have tunnel vision.

I do agree that you can find ignorant people at any rally for any issue. But most of the time, the ignorant people are the ones coming to see what's going on (most of the Obama crowd wanted to hear him first hand and see what the hype was about, they didn't necessarily support him.) This crowd is there to buy the book and clearly think that she is the shiznittle... but are ignorant as dirt, just like her.

Um interesting video... not sure the relation, other than to remind us of the general ignorance of Americans... but in the video above, the questions were mostly follow ups to issues the that people were claiming as strong motivating factors in their 'support/interest/etc' in Sarah. In the video you linked, general questions about politics, government and gossip are asked. Not surprising that they knew more about trivial things than facts about who's representing them in government.

You can find stupid people anywhere. If all else fails, interview a 12 year old ;)

I see a potential drinking game coming on... and thanks for the vid, Syngas!

I don't need to watch the video to know that her supporters are ignorant. It goes without saying.

To be fair though a lot of Obama supporters are also that ignorant.

Kid: Excuse me ma'am? What do you think Mr. Obama would bring in terms of policy to office?

Lady: HOPE!

The general public tend to be dumbasses.

I think to be really fair is to say that a lot of 'political' supporters are ignorant... but I don't like where you're driving with your comment. (Maybe this is the 'middle fallacy'?)

Having worked hard on the Obama campaign, and meeting a lot of the people that supported him, most were painfully realistic. They may have "hoped" that he would not be as bad as Bush, but liberals share with most Americans a general distrust of politicians and government, and so were weary of the rhetorical speeches. What sold Obama for most of the people that I encountered was that he seemed to know what the hell he was talking about when interviewed, or in 'town hall' settings.

Although there were plenty of grinning star struck fans of Obama, most of us went into this with eyes wide open. He billed himself as a center left politician, a technocrat, a pragmatist, and someone that can inspire people to action. To his credit, that is how he has tried to govern, to varying degrees of success. Again, this is from my experience, is why most people voted FOR Obama. Sarah is why a lot of my conservative friends vote AGAINST McCain. They couldn't stand the idea of another incompetent fool in office.

I've known plenty of intelligent supporters of Obama, but they don't often get interviewed. Same with Kucinich and Paul, although I did sit in front of a Paul supporter on a plane who knew Paul's ideas up and down. No reporters there. I also admit that I didn't see footage from rallies for Paul or Kucinich, just because I don't get good TV reception.

I think most 'intelligent' supporters of any candidate know to run the other way if a reporter want's to 'ask them a few questions'.

I think the idea that politics is based on facts and not perception is pretty foolish.

But yeah, surprise surprise we American's are an ignorant bunch.

What I think makes the Palin fans special, is a special KIND of ignorance. It is true that you can find fools in any crowd, but you will be hard pressed to find an informed person supporting Palin.

I have tons of Conservative friends, and many were excited when Palin was first picked (an outsider), but as her true colors came out (I mean hell, Palins first interview sounds JUST LIKE this video!), they slowly backed away from her and I think as Obama's charm wore thin in the final days of the campaign, many centrists voted against Palin, more than for Obama.

Even though I gave Obama a couple hundred bucks early on, I was excited when McCain got the nomination and strongly considered him. The Palin pick turned me away. Having her an old man's heartbeat away from controlling the most powerful military in the history of man... no way.

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge ..." C. Darwin

It's a Palin book signing. There are no other qualifiers for being there other than being a sycophant and an idiot.

And it seems you also have to be white?

Not fair... Ohio is mostly white.

Wow. I doubt any of them even bothered to read her book. As mentioned before what I find really funny is that there are copious amounts of stupid people on both sides. You have the misinformed ignorant Republicans and the misinformed ignorant Democrats. They seems to be attracted to bright shiny things, that is; in other words good looking people like Obama and Palin. They're both attractive, can speak well (Palin struggles but her supporters don't really notice) and give basic information about their policies. They also use positive sounding words that really don't mean shit. I've seen this same style video done to Obama supporters, so go figure.

The supporters are ignorant as hell - and though I doubt Obama supporters are quite this bad, I'm sure you could get some really stupid interviews in any crowd of supporters of any candidate. It's discouraging, but what really distinguishes Palin-Bush supporters (and I'll bet 95% of these morons voted for Bush), is that they're not only proud to be ignorant, they couldn't care less that their candidate is ignorant too. I'll bet if you asked any one of these dimbulbs whether it was important that Palin couldn't name anything she reads, they wouldn't bat an eye while spewing some nonsense about her 'having good ol' common sense - she doesn't need to waste time reading about anything.' Palin said she was a pitbull with lipstick - nah, she's Dubya with lipstick.

The first thing I noticed before I even hit play was the woman's facial expression. Her lips are tight and her chin is scrunched up so I can tell she doesn't like what is being asked. Watching the video while it's muted is more interesting. The only guy that isn't shifting around is the one in the red jacket because he has his talking points well rehearsed. No wonder, he gets his political opinions from church and fox news =/

Here is one difference between a group of ignorant Sarah Palin supporters and ignorant people who voted for Obama: Palin is as ignorant as her most ignorant fan. Palin is an idiot and has proved that again and again. I also defy you to show me a Palin supporter who isn't a fucking half-wit.

I know one. Hell, I sit next to him at work. And he USED to post HERE all the time ( but won't tell me his pseudonym).

I'm not kidding when I tell you I think I know Calli in person. (I have emails, should we compare writing styles?) >:)

Oh, we miss Calli sometimes. Arguing with Becker doesn't make my blood boil in quite the same way.

My guess is that he now posts on under the pseudonym "UnLovely Truth".

Sarah Palin represents these folks perfectly

I would agree that the same result would occur if we went through a line of hard-line Obama supporters. They want "hope and change" instead of fairness and freedom. Of course, many people voted for Obama because he was the least worst candidate, but any Obama fan/boy or girl would have to be equally as stupid as a Palin supporter. Obama's campaign was just as vacuous as Palin/McCain.

Chomsky comments well on the issue: "And when they turn to selling a candidate they do the same thing. They want uninformed consumers, you know, uninformed voters to make irrational choices based on the success of illusion, slander, and effective body language or whatever else is supposed to be significant... Well, that's the nature of an election when it's run by the business world, and you'd expect it to be like that. There should be no surprise there. And it should also turn out the elected candidate didn't have any debts. So Brand Obama can be whatever they decide it to be, not what the population decides that it should be."

Obama has generally been Bush (in his second term) without the ridiculous rhetoric. Instead of picking on Palin supporters, we should be considering methods to win them over for the left.

Well said Matt!

People like candidates for emotional reasons--for self-identification, appeals to their vanity, etc. But - if you want to compare people at an Obama book signing to those at a Palin book signing, you might want to start with the books.

Obama has generally been Bush (in his second term) without the ridiculous rhetoric

If one assumes that both men sit down to eat supper & piss in the toilet & not the Rose Garden, I guess I'd agree. As far as Administrative behaviors, however, they're about 180º apart. The area of greatest differentiation would be the domestic policies being established by the governing agencies. Depts. of Interior, Energy, State, HUD, Commerce, Atty. General(!) etc are Different, now. The most unwieldy, ie Defense & Treasury, are changing... albeit more slowly... but, despite the usual "talking points" of the DC talking heads, it's Very different now... and I'm thankful for that. ^..^

yep, Somehow I don't think we would be debating healthcare and climate change legislation. We would likely be looking at another attempt at socializing Social security into the stockmarket and more tax cuts.


Amusing video, reminds me of this Howard Stern bit I saw done last year...


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