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Red Tries to Contribute

Many frequent readers and commenters on One Good Move may know me as RedSeven. Or Red. Or R7.

Thought it was time for you to know my real name: Reed.

Norm has been generous enough to give me the opportunity to start posting some items on the front page of 1GM. I was hesitant at first, but I think helping to sustain a great community of commenters (and lurkers) is too good to pass up. It also gives me a chance to more actively promote discussion about one of the issues I'm most passionate about: the plight of the nonbeliever and the debate about the role of religion in the governance of our society.

Hope that everyone finds my additions interesting and in tune with the rest of what Norm posts here on 1GM. I'll definitely keep an eye on your responses to make sure I'm hitting the mark. I also expect my schedule to make my contributions fairly sparse at first.

Where Norm has focused on nonbelievers, science, and healthcare, my focus will be similar with an additional focus on the environment. And while Norm loves chess and classical music, I'm more of a hiker that loves classic rock.

I also hope to engage the social media and be active on twitter for both drawing in good content and new readers. I hope I am also able to contribute some more original content from readers,friends, and activists.

Feel free to contact me at or on Twitter at @reasoneddebate



looking foward to it, best of luck! but why a post with no actual content merely announcing your intentions? get with the radical already! or the tubular, as the case may be. mere awesome is also acceptable. dude.

It's just to get you warmed up and all. Nice, Red7.

btw since i only know one other guy named "reed" can i call you "mr. fantastic"?

This is acceptable.

Congrats Red. I look forward to more of your contributions.

Looking forward to seeing your contributions, Red and, as you are a colonial, I will forbear with the pedantry when it comes to British usage (I usually only do this to wind Becker up)

I will need your help keeping then and than straight.

My family came over well after the colonial era, but I hope you will still forgive me on the British usage since they were Scots.

Good grief. That's almost as bad as my friend in New Jersey, whose grandfather was a Scouser!

With regard to 'Then' and Than'- it's quite simple - you just have to learn to talk proper.



Ma was an English major, but an American english major - obviously this was not without consequences.

It always sounds right when I say it.

Welcome Reed/Red! Now all of us have baited breath.

You can check out my twitter feed to see some of the sorts of things I would like to post. I set up the account a week ago to start build it up before I started.

Real posts to the site will have to wait until I get back to my home computer this evening.

That would be "bated" breath, don't you know.

Apologies, Gypsy, it's just that Red7 has got me in that sort of mood.

No apology necessary. Not like I could count this as a type-o. ;~)

Will we get a decent serving of pancakes?

Yes, but since I am lactose intolerant, there will be no butter.

Eeks! Well, provide a goody amount of maple syrup.


I doubt anyone will receive any actual pancakes.

there will be a no tolerance policy for the intolerance of lactose.

buttered scones will be served. and teeny tiny sandwiches. cucumber. and tea. the stuff from india, not "sri lanka". (barf).

i'll be over at the big 'ol texas barbecue them "teabaggers" is dishin' out. :) ain't nothin' like physically abused cattle, kil't and dressed an' bubblin' over a firepit. i love animals.


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