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Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

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I know I'm a drag but I don't think this is funny because I hate the right wing meme that Obama is all about the teleprompter. Who doesn't use a teleprompter? And the dismissal of his intelligence- that he's articulate. This is how the noise machine works - they start it, right wing then left wing cultural comedians pick it up and next thing you know - it's fact. Like Al Gore saying he invented the internet..

@jillbryant2003: Our Girl didn't use such things -- just ask any PUMA. Saint Hillary did everything ad-lib.

I support the teleprompter as long as it keeps our current pres from sounding anything like the last one.


I think people would lay off on the teleprompter jibes if others stopped gushing about Obama being one of the greatest orators since day dot.

This elevates him to a position he doesn't deserve and leads inevitably to his being knocked down a peg or two.

He is a great speechmaker, but he's average, at best, when speaking off the cuff (Clinton and Blair were miles better). That's not a partisan point, nor is it a "right wing meme", it's a natural corrective against the hysterical acclaim which appears to be the norm when discussing Obama's public speaking.

I do think he's a great speaker. I think the right wing say it because he makes it even more obvious what a bozo they saddled us with for eight years. Off the cuff? I don't think I've seen enough occasions - I've seen Q&A's, interviews - not much else that I remember. I think he was definitely better than average, though. I listen to a lot of Congressmen - he is head and shoulders above most of them. And, I would agree - Clinton was truly amazing. I just loved and still love hearing him speak. Blair? I'm not familiar enough with him but it wouldn't surprise me. I don't think any of these men are average and I think a lot of them ARE outstanding - just as you would expect.

But the teleprompter bull@#$%? That isn't taking him down, correcting, or anything else - it's bull@#$ Since when do we expect a President not to speak with a teleprompter? Is it that the speech is prepared? Is that bad when someone is prepared and ready? If it is, maybe we should have some stand-up comedians as president because they're usually pretty amazing off the cuff. And, BTW, I've seen enough Reagan footage where he is addressing the TV enough to know that the great Communicator used a teleprompter. Is that different?

i agree 100% with campbell.

i also see jill's point. but this:

Since when do we expect a President not to speak with a teleprompter?

was too funny. :)

Yeah :) okay - sounds funny but you know what I mean. Would it be better if he had his speech written out in front of him, old school? Is that really different? Didn't Lincoln have a reading copy of the Gettysburg address - one of the greatest speeches ever? Is it that he is so natural with the teleprompter that they don't like? So what?

If you want to talk content of what he says - fine - go for it. His talks appeal to me because he usually addresses my concerns (unfortunately, sometimes only in the speech and not in real life). If you don't like them - that's a real discussion point...

Maybe this really is the right's answer to the accusation (never proved or disproved) that Bush wore a wire - not only when he gave speeches, but when he debated and when he answered questions.

And do we really have to listen to the right complain about Obama when they gloried in Bush being dressed up in a flight suit paraded off the plane as if our manly President just landed's just all too inane?

If you get your panties in a bunch because the Onion insults your idol, you might be a wingnut.

This piece is just as much about the absurdity of the republican accusations as it is about Obama's actual use of a teleprompter.

I think Jill is more upset with the right wing ding bats who actually think this is a real criticism than she is the onion and the 5th estate

Of course it is Red. The fact Jill couldn't see that should be a clue that she's every bit the partisan sycophant as the Republicans who snipe at Obama for trivial things.

I am not sure she proved that she didn't see that. She just ranted about the accusation that inspired the piece. In the right mood I could do the same.

I am not a partisan sycophant. I'm a marketing person who gets annoyed with how heavy handed the right wing pushes their garbage day and night. And, even if the Onion is making fun of the right when they're doing it (which - yep - I get), it still becomes part of the mythology. What happens next? Obama makes a joke about it himself. Then it becomes a frame of reference for the way others speak, a discussion point for when he speaks, and then it's just fact. And once again...the Republicans have put something pointless and useless out into the world and we've all got to listen to it. They are the masters of the emotional over the important...and truth is usually pretty irrelevant to the whole discussion.

How Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and all the rest, get audiences? I don't get it. And, you always hear how brilliant Rove was or Atwater before him or Luntz but, there is nothing brilliant about doing marketing without ethics. It's just lying.

HuffPo picked up that the blond correspondent was a former Fox News host.

I apologize if posting links there is not allowed, since Bill Maher is a regular there;) Some of the best parts of the clip were the ticker on the bottom. The best one was, "SCIENTISTS FIND ALL HUMANS DESCENDED FROM ANCIENT SLUT" (~1:45). Classic Onion genius...


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