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Mr. Deity at the AAI 2009 Conference



Terrific! As usual, it is remarkable how many of the things that run through the mind of a recovering Mormon I had independently arrived at long ago as well. One thing that he didn't explicitly point out during his discussion of the christian apologists' web site (following "killing the virgins" skit) was the breathtaking display of moral relativism the apologists adopted in defending the killing of impure girls. Yep, the stench of moral relativism which supposedly runs rampant in atheists in fact wafts off of christians here to an amazing degree. Most of time, when I see atheists being criticized of moral relativism all that is really happening is atheist's recognition of moral ambiguity that real life offers so much of. In this case, the christian apologists are offered a moral situation that is about as unambiguous as can be, and they are unable to stop themselves from rationalizing unambiguously immoral behavior - 'cause the Bible says so, naturally.

Great talk. How do I sign up to go next year?

Checked during non-skit dialogue:

Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought him back.

I want a Smile a Day Calendar!

Now I have to find someone to sponsor me to Australia.


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