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Mr. Deity and the Woman



I almost got it all in. Maybe we can make the Blog wider.

Why not just change the width on the embed code?

It was late, there were ratios involved.

I took care of it.

As soon as I saw the post, I went to iTunes where I subscribe - it always looks terrific there.

omg she sounds just like...wait, i can't say, she'll kill me. they'll kill me. they'll ALL kill me. how does dalton get away with this stuff? i'll be interested to see if there's any objection from feminists. me, i object on principle but my objections, as always, can be nullified by laughter, it's my weakness.

People raised some stink at Pharyngula. PZ even titled his post "Mr Deity and the Stereotype".

I was somewhat offended by the stereotype. But Their comedy is to take the streched conception of god and show how hilarious the actual character would have to be. I think throwing him in with a few human stereotypes is in tune with the gag.

I didn't find it offensive at all - I assumed from the outset that their tongues were firmly in cheek - just as they were when they portrayed Adam as a somewhat dull-witted horndog.

By offended I mean, I decided not to put it where my cooworkers would see it.

you're right, and "dull-witted horndog" is an excellent description of their portrayal of adam. based on this, i would rule: (ahem) "let them have their fun, so long as adam is portrayed in the same degrading stereotypical way as eve."

as long as they're both equally stupid, no harm, no foul, right? it's the "frank zappa principle".

also, since mr. deity and lucy represent "intelligent" males and females (who are still far from perfect) and yet lucy seems on the whole the smarter of the two, you could say mr. deity is actually gratuitously deferential toward women. so, in the worldview of mr. deity, men and women's baser natures are equally stupid, but with regard to their higher natures they're both clever, but woman is more intelligent.

i like to dredge the depths of comedy, what can i do.

Now we know how it all went to shit - Lucy got her oriented.

I'm a woman and I found this episode hilarious.

It totally mirrors some of the things I went through for my "simple" civil ceremony. I was pushed by the females in my family to get a "pretty pretty" dress for my "SPECIAL DAY OMG," so I could look proudly at my pictures in the future.

What I really wanted for "my special day" was no stress. Finding shoes for the damn dress pissed me off enough. Family members had to drag flowers for the ceremony because me and my husband couldn't be bothered. Seriously, the day would have been special even if I had been wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I laughed too, so agreed; you can always find sexism (this came up in true/slant recently), racism, and conspiracies if you look hard enough. When people cry foul on something like this I feel that it takes away from damaging sexist issues.

As for the special day - quite the marketing tool. I hope "your" day (your family's day?) was enjoyable. The wedding industry manages to con most women into the notion that they need to have this humongo celebration - costing up to $20,000 for even middle class marriages - just to make it legal. I've played and been involved in so many weddings that eloping and a party later sounds really really good.

For men the marketing target seems to be cars and tools. Maybe Mr. D. or Luci can entice Adam with such items?

Jack and Some female. Sorry about the delay in aproving comments. I was on a plane.

Jack your comment is oddly not showing up as I write this.

Feel free to register folks. All family here.

I'm a feminist and I can understand how the stereotype use was deliberate. I thought it was humorous. Would have liked to see Adam in a stereotypical role, too. As a series it could be a gas.

I am disappointed, though, when I see a web-based show talking about getting publicity so it can become an also-ran show on a third rate network, where it will then have to put up with the vagaries of sponsorship.

I like "Herpes, the God of Regret."

If you REALLY want to pull the wings off this butterfly in the name of being Perfectly Banal, you might observe that the comic structure begs for the buffoonery to be balanced by an intelligent foil.... but it's the buffoons that get all the laughs.... so the writers are actually dissing Lucy and probably just because she doesn't have a penis.


When funny people are trying to be funny, funny is all that matters. Stereotypes are not just fair-game, they're rocket-fuel.


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