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For the health care bill, let the phone calls in support of health care and support of citizens over big business/big health care begin.

For Mad kane, nice choice of final word!

Concerning the bit about churches banning homosexuals from working from then.

excuse, i'm for equal rights for everyone - but i also believe that an employer is allowed to not hier someone, if his believes or acts directly contradict some of the principles of the employer (in this case, the church). i do not get what's the fuss about this - the church is a entitity founded on a certain believe and as such should have the right to pursue that believe and not be forced to act against it - i am actually more often confused about homosexuals being fervent believers. the difference to a normal company is, that a company is more or less founded on the principle of gaining profit, whereas a church is simply a union of people believing in the same thing (at least that was the inital idea...) - why should they be forced to employ people, that in their minds contradict some of their principles?

also, i had to laugh about that sarah-palin-supporters interview at the part, when the reporter asks, wether the fact that palin actually supported the bailout (contrary to what the woman believed) in any way affected her opinion and she simply said "no, it doenst" - THAT is true faith ;)

She looked like a 12 year old girl to me. Real classy NBC.

How many people do you think would've spoken to NBC in that crowd? Even if it had been Joe Scarborough...And, considering what her T-shirt said, seemed like a good question....

Yeah, that girl was just asking for it.

I don't even understand that comment. Have you ever been interviewed on the news? They prep. They go around beforehand and ask everyone if they would like to express their views on camera. If you agree they get your name and information. You wait on the side - no surprise.

Do you think she shouldn't have asked that question? Should she have asked her where she got it? Do you think the girl was too young and dumb to handle the question so it was improper? Do you think she doesn't know enough about politics?

Hey - maybe you should go encourage her at her blog.

I think if you are planning to embarrass someone on national television, children should not be targeted. Your support for The Party is seriously clouding your judgment Jill.

You are right, but there are the questions of tax exempt status for groups that discriminate. Homosexuality certainly isn't a central tennant of the Christian faith.

The ruling will still allow some discrimiantion if the job involves any advocacy for the churches views in any setting.

I am sure the janitor will have to speak on sunday to be sure he isn't gay.

Redseven: "Homosexuality certainly isn't a central tennant of the Christian faith."

My personal experience of the Anglican Church in Great Britain would cast some doubt on that statement! That's only my biased opinion but, come to think of it, it fits to some extent with the US Episcopalians I've met as well.

A comic once said that the Anglican Clergy is the best choice for gay men who are not good looking enough to be Air Stewards.

Sorry - being facetious here!

A comic once said that the Anglican Clergy is the best choice for gay men who are not good looking enough to be Air Stewards.

I think I heard Dara O'Briain say that.

It was Jeremy Hardy - I have a recording of the show (The News Quiz)

If you want to hear Hardy in the original, go here:

(I hope!)

Sorry, forgot the <>

She's an intern in the Michigan Republican party, she has a blog, she is quite outspoken and doesn't seem at all shy. She thinks she's quite well informed and if she had a good answer, I'm sure you wouldn't have had a problem with it, right? And, you know what - at her age, she should have had a better answer if she is so into politics. When you're young and into something, your brain is an absolute sponge.

I don't think it's "Party" talking. I'm really more anti-neo con/New Republican party, whatever you call it than I am anything else. I am still in shock over what happened during the Bush administration and that, as a liberal, all of a sudden I was hated as a traitor, coward and liar. That was new to me and so is the religious fanatics having such a strong voice in government and that has pushed me to support the left strongly because I've seen what the right looks like and it scares the bejesus out of me. A young girl like that being as convinced Sarah Palin is a positive political role model is as frightening to me as Hazel Bryan Massery who was one year younger and just as adamant in her beliefs.

But - okay - if you say she is too young to take a public stage (again! you DO realize you have to agree to be questioned. I've done it - I was 19 and I thought it would be funny, they asked me something completely out of the blue and I said something totally @sinine about gay bars) and you think that it's unfair liberal questioning that put her there - exploitive, I assume, so tell me she isn't going to be kept there by the worship of the right for their ragtag group of idols: Joe the Plumber, Joe Wilson and now Cathy "Don't question me about my T-shirt" Conservative.

You're in such denial Jill. You whined about the Onion making fun of Obama because it might tarnish His image, and you're cool with NBC picking on kids who can't even vote yet as long as they're not Democrats. Now you're even cyberstalking a teenage blogger. I'm sorry I'm the only one who cares enough to point it out to you.

Wow - how I must suck at communicating because no - I did not whine about the Onion post about Obama because it might "tarnish his image." That doesn't even make sense. I whined because I'm sick of the right making things up and then the rest of us letting them slip it into the zeitgeist when it's absolute bulls@it. I don't care if it's talking about a Democrat or a Republican, good or bad - I'm so sick of the myths they push out there. In fact, little Cathy Conservative's embarrassment is a prime example. She bought the Sarah Palin - Rogue Crusader image and then was shocked when someone pointed out the non-Rogue facts to her. How RUDE - pointing out the facts. And, yes, I don't think it's any big deal it was done to a 17 year old. In fact, it'd be great if she would know better if she were older and this only happened because she was young but you saw - there were a whole bunch of older, goofy people there that supported Palin the renegade.
And cyberstalking? Because I said she was a local Republican party intern and had a political blog? I just thought you'd be interested she was into politics, writes about politics, not to mention offers to talk on TV about politics. Instead, you act like she's 12, happened to be wearing a political T-shirt when a mean news lady snuck up on her and told her there was no Santa Claus..


if what jill says is true the "12 year old girl" might be fair game. but what about the goofy guy in the steelers jacket in this clip? i thought he actually sounded pretty together, considering his obvious goofiness, but is picking on the goofy really fair? i bet most american 12 year olds are more media savvy than that guy.

equal rights and responsible treatment for the goofy!

Steelers fans should be mocked - you'll always get a pass from me on that ;)


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