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  • Library workers fired for colluding to keep graphic novel from being checked out by 11-year old girl
  • Evidence in Medicine: Correlation and Causation
    Much of scientific evidence is based upon a correlation of variables – they tend to occur together. Scientists are careful to point out that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. The assumption that A causes B simply because A correlates with B is a logical fallacy – it is not a legitimate form of argument. However, sometimes people commit the opposite fallacy – dismissing correlation entirely, as if it does not imply causation. This would dismiss a large swath of important scientific evidence.

    For example, the tobacco industry abused this fallacy to argue that simply because smoking correlates with lung cancer that does not mean that smoking causes lung cancer. The simple correlation is not enough to arrive at a conclusion of causation, but multiple correlations all triangulating on the conclusion that smoking causes lung cancer, combined with biological plausibility, does.

    Correlation must always be put into perspective.

  • Darwin's finches tracked to reveal evolution in action

  • Covering Alternative Medicine — Another Perspective

  • apocalypse.jpg

  • I finally finished reading Auslander's Foreskin's Lament: A Memoir I found this dialogue hillarious.
    —What are you reading? she asked, pointing at the book on the passenger seat.

    —Crime and Punishment, I said.

    —Is it good?

    —It’s funny, I said.

    —What’s it about?

    —It’s about a guy who murders an old lady.


    —And he worries about it for three hundred pages.

    —That does sound funny.

    I know, I'm easily entertained.



Oh I loved the boing boing article about the graphic novel I almost posted it myself

Although I am boycotting BoingBoing I did read about the library antics elsewhere. It struck me as odd that a librarian of all people would be so against what is essentially the role of a library. You know, to provide books. In this day and age it is important that people stand up for the freedom of information. If that's not what one is into I'm not sure why one would get into that field. Thanks for the links, entertaining as always. I especially loved your quote from Shalom Auslander's book - he's always a favorite of mine on This American Life. I'm going to have to get myself down to the library and check out his book - that is if the librarian will let me have it.

Why are you boycotting BoingBoing?

It's not so much a boycott as I have no pretention of being the antecedent of change at BoingBoing. It's more that I just don't go there because they make me angry. It mainly has to do with their hypocritical disemvoweling policy which I've seen them use as blatant censorship of anyone they disagree with. It's their website, they can allow whatever they want, but either publish it or don't publish it. Disemvowelings only purpose is to demonstrate how the mighty editor sits in judgment over us peons. I also have intellectual differences with Cory Doctrow to the point that he irritates me (don't get me started on his affection for papercraft).
I used to be a daily reader of Boingboing and I like a lot of their content, but have found that I can get the same stories other places. Like here for instance.


I have never been to lucky as to be disemvoweled byt them but their moderator is definitely trigger happy. It has been pretty distasteful at times, although I think it has been better recently. I got through an entire discussion on the tazing of a naked wizard once without one losing one vowel.

Cory isn't really someone I read much from so I guess I avoid his opinions.

Paper craft is sort of silly in my opinion, but so are most hobbies.

I love gadgets and science too much not to loiter over there from time to time.

I rather like their gadgets blog, though I'm not a regular. Especially since they seem to be more keen to call bullshit on the audiophools, which I had trouble with on Engadget, and lately on Gizmodo.

Yeah, I read gadget blogs.

I love the gadgets. They generally have some decent science items. Maggie Koerth-Baker has had a series of good articles. I haven't gotten her book yet but that may end up on my Atheist Christmas list

yr boy's article on "covering alternative medicine" was smart. (no, pedantsareus, i don't mean well dressed). addressing the journalists directly is "onegoodmove". i hope they listen. but, being journalists, they probably won't even read this.


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