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Technology pre-dates us as a species, and therefore if we are to define a natural state as one in which there is no technology to alter the environment, then humans, by definition, do not have a natural state.

I find the worlds youngest curmudgeon more disagreable than factual.

He seems to fall into the same fallacy as those he is accusing of a caveman fallacy.

Evolution is a continuous process, not a punctuated process. So we might be only partially evolved to eating cooked food and have not developed the skills required to get everything we need from nutritionally depleted foods.

I wouldn't disagree that thinking of caveman culture as our natural state is a fallacy, but so is denyi9ng it. Our current position in our development is the product of millions and of years of evolution. Our "natural state" is indeed not simply the way we lived in a brief period of our evolution but instead the state our form was selected by evolution to survive in. A state that varies from system to system.

Certainly our current back has evolved for standing upright, but much of our torso's structure developed for walking on all fours.
Certainly meat was an important part of our ancestors diet, but it is also psychologically given increased importance because of the difficulty of getting meet for much of our history.

Studying the environments and culture in which we evolved can most definitely give us vital insights into how we think, how we should eat, how we walk, get sick and heal.

I could go on, but I risk becoming a curmudgeon myself.

A brilliantly funny one for our sad excuse for a media.

Hah! and thanks! I was wondering that when I watched the video! My thoughts were either too good to be true, or truth is stranger than fiction.

All hail the huckster Eisenstadt!


Yes, I can vouch that Martin Eisenstadt is indeed brilliantly funny. His own book just hit stores, and it's gotten great reviews. Buy it tomorrow to show your defiance against Palin:

To be fair, there is a "real" Joe the Plumber, who is far less plausible than Eisenstadt.


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