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Gypsy's Music with your links and coffee

Small concession to the rock request: Jason Mraz Make It Mine available on his single import or We Sing We Dance We Steal Things. You get 2 versions on the latter recording; I prefer the more commercial one; not something I tend toward. This is a great upbeat song to get you going any time of day. The energetic scales in the bridge led me to my classical choices:

Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major. Lots o' energy, and you never quite know what you're gonna get at the end of the harpsichord cadenza in the middle, cause it's up to the person with the twinkle fingers.

Sergei Prokofiev Symphony No. 1 in D Major, "Classical". Short movements to take you from one thing to the next in the morning. During the more graceful 2nd movement, you can relax, sip, and read for a short spell.

Maurice Ravel La Valse. A bit of a jab at the Viennesse dance, but also way cool, and the scales will remind you to keep moving about your day.



Outstanding, I love the second movement in the Prokofiev. I know I'm getting ahead of things here, but how about nighttime classics for a future theme. Something to wind down the day.

That's funny, Norm, I was just checking them out and thought - no, I'm winding down...I'll check it out in the morning (probably Sat.)

Can be done! (later)

Great choices! The Prokofiev has become a breakfast time favorite of our 5-year-old just recently... We have a Herbert von Karajan recording from 1982(?) which couples it nicely with Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik--despite the title, nice morning music, too!

This column has been a nice addition to an already very good site--thank you!

Thanks madfarmer. That's amazing that your 5 year old is into Prokofiev. I hadn't even heard of Peter and the Wolf at that age (or for many years afterward)! If you can come up with the Sting narration of Peter with the LSO, it's totally worth it.

Is the David Bowie version close enough? We have that : )

Our son is pretty particular about and sensitive to music--loves the Kyrie of the Bach Mass in D minor but always tells me to take it off when the fast sections of the Gloria come on... He seems to agree with most that John Gardiner's tempi can be too brisk!


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