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Good Luck and Prosperity

Spotted this article. Reminds me of the addage "To get an otherwise good person to drunkenly hack the heads off countless animals, you need religion"

Thousands flock to 'world's biggest animal sacrifice'

by Claire Cozens Claire Cozens - Sun Nov 22, 12:25 am ET KATHMANDU (AFP) - Thousands of Hindu devotees have flocked to a village in Nepal ahead of the planned sacrifice of more than 300,000 animals in a ceremony condemned by animal rights activists, including French actress Brigitte Bardot.

Priests are preparing for the slaughter of more than 15,000 buffaloes and 300,000 birds, goats and sheep during the event, which starts Tuesday and is thought to be the biggest ritual sacrifice anywhere in the world.



Nice quick read; thanks for posting this.

This brought back a world music and religion class that touched on this subject. The article stated that the meat will be distributed to locals. I also noted that the hides were for sale, so that seems to place the event in more of a commercial gain status.

Religion is a curious thing. In the religions that we studied, the sacrifices were done to help the community by spreading the local bounty. Ex: a shaman would not take personal payment for healing someone who was sick. Rather, he would exact payment in terms of sacrificing one of the person's goats, chickens, or other herd member and cooking it for the entire village. The hide probably went to those who needed its use, but I am indeed speculating on this count.

I'm not saying the ritual in this article wouldn't be an icky thing for me to behold, but traditions die hard. People are going to get fed. There are animal rights activists who eschew the slaughter of any animal for any purpose, including meals. I'm not saying this includes you (in fact,i think I've read enough of your stuff to gather you eat meat; let me know if I should read more closely), but the protest might still occur if this event were more farm-oriented and less religious rite.

300,000 animals IS a lot of meat.

I eat meat, so I can't really blame folks for slaughtering animals.

But the idea of a priest chopping off the head of a water buffalo seems somewhat... inhumane.

Indeed, this is a stomach-churning story.

I just hope that anyone expressing disgust realizes that the United States slaughters about 27 million animals daily. As in, 90 times the Hindi ritual amount, every 24 hours. Sans religion.

Which is worse? Food for thought!

(Yes, I'm a vegan AND an atheist!)

I'd love to be a vegan but I find it incredibly time consuming and/or expensive.

Is it me, or am I the only one who finds it very uncomfortable with the mentioning of having a neo-fascist animal rights activist conveying her dismaly with the slaughtering of a massive number of fun loving farm animals?

You need religion...or, a bunch of hungry people with a strong sense of community. As far as religious activity goes, this is actually pretty reasonable.


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