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Did You Know?

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Luckily I got my candy imported from Peru.

This explains a lot. I buy lots of discount candy after Halloween.

I wonder if buying stuff after Christmas and Easter balances things out, or if those co-opted pagan holidays has nefarious effects as well. Oh my (lack of) gods!!!

And Barry Lynn is sooo obviously a tool of the devil.

What up with the Giuliani appearance in the beginning and middle of the clip?

Plus I'm wondering, what about crepes in the candy? That could be tasty but demonic, since they're french.

That peanut butter cup did taste sinful. I just thought it was the chemical flavor enhancers.

Dark chocolate is even MORE sinful!

I only worry about having sex with my inner daemons.

Just don't abort the offspring and pray for forgiveness and you are set.

Well, that brings up an interesting theological point.

What if it would have been possible to abort "Rosmary's Baby" or "The Demon Seed" or Damien from "The Omen"?

Would the "no sex with demons" crowd applaud aborting the spawn of Satan?

No, no abortion for Rosemary's Baby. As soon as he craps his diaper, they'd give him the chair.

I don't know that this is a theological question.


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