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Christian Love in Public Discourse



Who would Jesus Orphan?



We can only hope.

It's nice to hear Schaeffer's comments. Good luck with the remaining sane members of the GOP, though. There seems to no bar (forget about how low) for how badly they want to be in the "win" column. Part of me wants a Palin/Bachman ticket in 2012 so the Dems will stay in office, but the other part of me hears the adage "BE careful what you wish for..."

I think these roght wingers should start getting all the bad press that communists once got.

They are far less loyal to this country than any communist ever was. far more open about wanting to kill those they oppose politically. Much more obsessed with taking the freedom away from regular Americans.

Speaking of "loyalty" to the "country"... did you guys see the story of the 10-year-old who refused to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance because he didn't want to say that there was "liberty and justice for all" while gays could not get married?

I don't understand (well maybe I do) the fascination that many people (not only Americans, but it seems they exaggerate a lot) have with a piece of cloth or such "symbols". Symbols are OK, but they should not trump actual, y'know, reality and stuff. I was following some links and ended up at a gay site where even one (presumably) gay regular poster was criticizing the boy.

I'm trying to think of any discussion that I had with people who were calling Bush a Nazi or Hitler... they we're few, as most of the people I hang out with don't go that extreme... but in the few conversations that I did have, usually I just had to say, "Really?" and they backed away from that analogy. Even the most hard core of my leftist friends never wanted to kill Bush, but then again, they didn't want Cheney to be prez.

One conversation stands out... I had a general "Bush is a Nazi and the Govern't is 1984" rant thrown at me that I nullified with descriptions of life under Kim Ill... something that the person ranting had no idea existed... nothing like a real 1984 nightmare to make people appreciate what they have.

Just riffing on the notion of the religious Christian standing up to these crazies... wanted to think a bit about who among my crowd I've had to stand up to. Just hoping that it will give me some perspective on how to advise my religious family members to react when stuff like this is brought to their attention. It's something easier said than done.

I'd wager that most of the people buying these items would have the same reaction to people who actually wanted to kill Obama.

Really - most people who'd be buying these items might read the one verse and think it's a silly snarky thing. Very few would bother to read on to the next verse.

Bush survived a lot of juvenille rhetoric, and Obama will too

The left denounces its extreme all the time.

The vote denouncing moveon comes to mind

Clinton and Maher denouncing the truthers

Obama denouncing his leftist church

Meanwhile the right can't denounce people bringing guns to an Obama rally.

this guy is a NUT

In what way?


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