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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

The clip is from one of my favorite shows Numb3rs Do you tweet? I find almost useless and indeed a little bit icky, but there are those who seem to make good use of it, right Frank?



I feel as you do about Tweeting, and I feel about Numb3rs as I feel about Tweeting.

@onegoodmove Sorry, I lost your phone number, meet me for a beer

I guess tweets are good for a group of people with smartphones and that stuff. If you're using a computer there's so much other crap you can use.

About Numb3rs, I watched the first few seasons, but it's just too formulaic despite the math angle. It could have been much better if it had less stereotypical characters. CBS shows seem all the same CSI clones. And I freaking hate that once the magic word "algorithm" is pronounced, you can gain infinite resolution off a cameraphone video.

I certainly agree that Numb3r's is formulaic, true of most of the TV offerings, and is not nearly as good as it was in the beginning. The Larry character has become a joke that I find extremely annoying, but like the blog I have a certain bit of momentum and that keeps me watching.

It is sorta like house, if house wasn't mean.

I was just thinking about the Larry character. How about instead of the "philosophical" type of the physicist/cosmologist, we get a Richard Feynman instead? They are happy to name-drop him anyway. I'd love to see a House-like character dismissing all kinds of nonsense with a smirk, and dissing at social sciences for not being "true" science.

Red7, about House, it is also formulaic like most people criticize him of, and I know the medical procedures are ridiculous sometimes, but what makes it different is exactly that House is a hilarious jackass. If he wasn't, I probably wouldn't laugh my ass of every time. It's more like comedy to me.


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