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The Word - Learning is Fundamental

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The Word - Learning Is Fundamental
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How about later school hours as well? I still have a hard time remembering the 12 years of getting up before 6AM so I can catch a bus to a place where I was allowed neither caffeine nor naps.

Cruel fate for a night person.

The whole system needs a redesign so badly. We have a 19th century system and seemingly no will to change it.

Since the morons at Fox News run contrary to every single thing Obama proposes, perhaps he should use good old-fashioned reverse psychology. If he wants to lengthen school hours he should say he wants to shorten them. Then he can pretend to cave in to the Rush-Palin-Fox-Glen Beck crowd and he gets what he wants in the end. Lord knows they aren't smart enought to figure out this tactic.


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