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Richard Dawkins

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Richard Dawkins
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that was amazing. "reeses peanut butter cups", i am SO going to meme that mofo. (interweb trademark on first use of "meme" as a verb).

i think colbert actually got the best of him, no shit, as bizarre as that may sound. i remember awhile back the webz were abuzz with talk of how colbert actually appeals to the nabobs he purports to lampoon. well, here he's asking questions like an emmissary of, i dunno, rabbi pinky schmeklestein, or the pope, or something. i mean i've seen dawkins in debate many times, long, drawn-out affairs, and never seen the main meat of the argument presented on a platter in a short clip like this. bravo, really.

but i think colbert (the character, the pope's shill, or the real one, who knows?) actually got the old fighter's goat.

one of the best colbert pieces i've seen. but i feel weird sympathizing with his characterontv.

There's a sucker born every minute; why didn't you call your book that?


Man gave names to all of the animals, In the beginning, in the beginning...

"We have evolved our brains to see beauty".

No. Wrong. Fail. We haven't 'evolved our brains' to see beauty, we've 'evolved our brains' to perceive certain natural features as being beautiful. What's that you say? You want a leading thinker on how best to interpret Darwinian natural selection (who looks suspiciously like Darwin) to explain this largely philosophical point?

I am still unsure why mountains are so beautiful. As a naked ape with some pretty soft feet, a proclivity for exploring rocky cold places seems illogical.

I can think of a couple of hypotheses for that. It's possible that people who searched for places and/or lived where there was water and thus abundant life (greener pastures) were more likely to survive. It's probably why we find green stuff more attractive than deserts.

Or maybe we just long for natural scapes not because of evolution directly, but because we become so alienated by cities and urban life, which hit our species quick and hard like a hammer in evolutionary time.

BTW, I think the question of how humor and funny came to be is more perplexing, considering how Dane Cook exists and all.

It might be an example of the extreme stimulus that Philosopher Dan Dennett talks about in the video duncan posts. We have a desire to find caves and shelters in nature to keep us out of the rain and we see the grand tetons and think "Motherload". And then we think maybe there might be alot of shelters up there.

That's exactly what Dawkins meant and what I understood from it at first.

"Evolved our brains to see beauty" means that our brains make up beauty as it has "learned" from evolution.

And Dennet is the biggest Dawkins cheerleader, he gets all his bio info from him probably, including the stuff other biologists don't agree with.

Norm, Dawkins hit Bill Maher up on his distrust of medicine tonight on overtime. Bill didn't take the bait and quickly changed the topic.


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