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Richard Dawkins - Bill Maher

Richard Dawkins "The Greatest Show on Earth

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Real Time with Bill Maher
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I mentioned in the other string. Dawkins brings up Bill's views on medicine in the overtime segment. Bill seems a little embarrassed and quickly moves on without really commenting on it.

Just saw Overtime... Dawkins only says "I like doctors... I know you don't..." but only to make his point that he wouldn't mind the gene pool getting "weaker" if it means "weak" people can have the chance to reproduce and live as well as others. He didn't seem like he was expecting Bill to defend himself.

You are right, it was just a passing comment and far from direct, but I did think it was a reference to Bill's anti-medicine beliefs. I thought given the discussion last week about how much we shoudl be bothered by Bill's remarks, we got a very small window into how much it bothers Dawkins. Some of the flap comes from Bill getting the Richard Dawkins award despite having non-science based views on medicine.

I think Dawkins is in a very awkward position. I'm sure you know about the huge stink that was raised at scienceblogs and even dawkins' own site cause of that award.


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