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Nobel Peace Prize



What a complete farce! The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded for a person's contribution towards life. It is completely wrong for Obama to receive this prize, as he is responsible/guilty of the murder of innocent babies (i.e. killing via his abortion policies).

Is "peace" the same as "life"? Do you mean "human life"? Are you a Poe?

If you said continuing a war is not peaceful then you'd have a point.

You're entitled to disagree with the award, but nonsensical assertions only make ignorable.

Here are a couple interesting arguments in support of Obama winning the prize:

"The justification for the prize, while certainly unexpected and a bit tenuous, is indeed rooted in fact. Obama has long been a booster for non-proliferation, and his speech and lobbying at the UN General Assembly and Security Council proved to be quite successful."

"Rachel Maddow does an excellent job explaining how the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded in the past and why President Obama deserved to receive the award." :

The Peace prize is going to be somewhat political no matter how you slice it. Those with a longer track record are definitely going to get less back biting after the award is made.

From my end, it seems that the committee was making a statement about the change in U.S. policy - i.e., not Bush - but also to encourage more of the same - i.e., think about the path(s) you're taking.


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