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Mr. Diety and the Science Advisor

Thanks Andyo



P Z Myers is in trouble with Jerry Coyne now, but on the plus side, Francis Collins will be pleased.

what no link? i hate having to look stuff up myself.

Link. I don't need no frickin' link! Here is God, being convinced by his science advisor no less, to let "evilution" do his job for him. Jerry Coyne's blog (yeah, look it up, you lazy twit) has been an ongoing battle with the accomodationists lately – and here's P Z Myers playing the Francis Collin's tune (and thoroughly enjoying it - I can tell! ☺).

New Atheists and accomodationists (a.k.a. faitheists) always come together against the banana!

It took me a minute to get the banana reference. For anyone else who missed it:

yes, i am a lazy twit, there's no need for you to say so in public. i'm not impressed enough with coyne to look up his blog myself. if you want to proselytize, do the work yourself. convince me.

I'm too lazy to proselytize ... and you've already proven yourself to be virtually immune to proselytizing anyway ... and who was trying to convince you anyway. That's your job.

touche, you lazy bastard. and i remain unsullied by exposure to jerry coyne's blog.


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