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Mr. Deity and the Identity Crisis

tip to Chris



Oy! I couldn't finish that one. It was giving me (or was that you) a headache.

You gotta go back and catch the last 2 minutes! More is explained, including past episodes (although it was covered in 1gm comments). Also, you're in line with Jesus in your comment.

Definitely watch it all. The last couple of minutes are what elevate this one above 'who's on first' (to which they momentarily tip their hats). We are finally enlightened as to the point of it all.

Religion makes total sense.

You know, the catholics I used to hang out with, one of the priests was supposed to be this great philosophical mind (to a 16-year-old impressionable mind it's believable), and his pitch was that the difference between catholicism and other religions, what made it "authentic" and the others didn't have, was the trinity. The 3-in-1. Oh what I'd give for him to spout that bullshit in front of me now. Actually I don't know what I'd do, snarky sarcasm, or serious questioning.

I'm not sure if that line of "reasoning" is church doctrine, but I wouldn't be surprised.

I am just disappointed in myself for letting my high school world cultures teacher tell me that Christianity was a Monotheistic religion.

Between, The three versions of god, the devil, the demons, the saints, and the angels, really its pretty much exactly like the polytheistic religions.

Only difference is that we are all supposed to worship the main god, and less so the lesser gods.

Do not have any other gods before us.

I'm not sure what other christian sects besides catholics believe in the 3-in-1 god though, so if you're from the U.S. you might never have encountered that BS while growing up.

In any version of the bible, Jesus talks to his father doesn't he? The trinity may only be discussed by Catholics, but I think it is believed by all.

Catholics are the only ones that give saints some sort of super powers, but all include some myths of angels and devils.

Actually the kind of reasoning that goes into the Trinity thing with the cathoholics is exactly what you see in this video. Jesus is the same as God (and the Holy Spirit), but you know not really. Except that they are.

There are Jebus sects that explicitly deny Jesus's divinity, for instance the Jehovah's Witnesses. A couple of them that I talked to actually were telling me (with a very amusing chuckle and snarky tone towards the catholic creed) how the Trinity doesn't make sense. Right after trying to tell me how Noah fit all those animals in his little boat. Go figure.

Anyway, so actually the point was the Trinity doesn't mean that Jesus has special powers, but that he is also God. I'm not sure that the bible specifies that, but in any case, other christian sects believe Jesus as a sort of superhero prophet, but not actually god himself.

He walked on water. Turned water into wine and I think had a good street magic routine.


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