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  • Fight the intrusion of quackery and religious woo in health care reform
  • U.S. opposes bid to bar religious defamation
    "Some claim that the best way to protect the freedom of religion is to implement so-called anti-defamation policies that would restrict freedom of expression and the freedom of religion," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters. "I strongly disagree." Clinton said the United States was opposed to negative depictions of specific faiths and would always fight against belief-based discrimination. But she said a person's ability to practice their religion was entirely unrelated to another person's right to free speech.
  • Crash director quits Scientology
    Oscar-winning film director Paul Haggis has severed his ties with the Church of Scientology because what he said was the organisation's anti-gay stance. The Church of Scientology was set up in the United States in 1954 and claims to have more than eight million members worldwide. The church offers self-improvement on the basis of the writings of the late science-fiction author L Ron Hubbard, who spelled out principles that he called Scientology and Dianetics. But critics claim it is a fake religion based on making money from its followers.

    Thanks to Chris for the tip. It is the final line that caught Chris' attention, what Church deosn't make money from its followers.

  • Schwarzenegger’s Veto Message Delivers Another Message

    I don't know what to make of this. (tip to Josh)



Re: Schwarzenegger. Besides it being hilarious, I was thinking about this yesterday. I think a good way to assess if it was a good or a bad thing, is if we imagine Obama doing the same.

I think it would be awesome.

I live in Los Angeles, and I don't really feel one way or the other about the Governator, but one thing that seems good about him is that he doesn't give a crap about pissing off the "wrong" (right) people. Maybe he already has enough money to be a corporate monkey.

As I point out here in a follow-up to the remarkable story of the agnostic Chilean president, spirituality is a luxury of sorts for people who are fortunate enough to be well governed. Bachelet understood this point and focused her efforts on creating a secure and financially healthy nation in which delusions could be privately pursued and practiced. In brief, she took the God out of government, and that's a lesson that even Mr. Obama could study. Hillary seems to get it. It is not enough to speak of the separation of religion and state; they must be divorced.

Critics claim it is a fake religion based on making money from its followers.

Indeed - wouldn't that tend to make it a real religion?

It has to turn a profit for 50 years before it makes the jump from cult to religion.


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