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In reference to The Warning, I was completely shaken to the core when I heard Greenspan conveying his belief that government should not regulate FRAUD in the marketplace. Yeah, I think I'm coming off a bit naive about Greenspan - I didn't think he was that committed to laissez-faire (and he defnitely wasn't when it came to that close-call "Three Mile Island" LTCM debacle). Holy Shit! Just in the 200+ years of this country, we the people can't effectively regulate the god-damn Death Penalty, how the fuck would the market effectively regulate itself on the basic premise of fair play?

The Frontline segment was excellent. The only comment to make in Greenspan's defense is that - though it makes no difference now - he is at least man enough to admit he was wrong.

In reference to Beck's Mormon Miracle:

Radio personality is baptized and the next day his career is redeemed. Does this not smack more of someone in the Mormon Mafia making a phone call than it does divine intervention?

A mormon gentleman once told me that he joined the church to feed his family. Point-blank he said that living in SLC he was destitute until he joined the church, at the urging of people who said that he'd be taken care-of, and suddenly doors opened. And he said that he fully understood it was because mormons would not do business with an infidel if they could help it but would bend over backwards to help out a newly minted member of the flock.

Just remember... you can curse God but not Israel.


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