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Links With Your Coffee


  • Magnus Carlsen interview for Golden Goal
    (video and transcript)

  • Chiropractors cause controversy
    For those with the finances to try to silence their critics, this has been a week of spectacular own goals. Trafigura has loudly advertised the report on the dumping of toxic waste in Africa by taking out a super-injunction through Carter-Ruck. And on Wednesday Simon Singh, the science writer being sued by the British Chiropractic Association, won his right to an appeal.

    Briefly, Singh was sued by the BCA over an article in the Guardian in which he criticised chiropractors for claiming they can treat children's colic, sleeping and feeding problems, ear infections, asthma and prolonged crying, by manipulation of the spine. He said these interventions were "bogus", with "not a jot of evidence".

  • The real explanation for transitional fossils, radiometric dating, and genetic similarity (Video)

  • Swedes Divided Over Bunny Biofeul

  • Listen and cringe
    Americans have to own up to a little bit of an inferiority complex in one thing: our accents. If you watch TV at all, you know that whenever a documentary wants its viewers to be impressed with the erudition of the narrator, it's got to have a British accent — it sounds so posh and educated and aristocratic, you know.

    I have a cure.

    Watch the videos below. These are direct recordings from the exhibits in a creation museum in the UK, and you get to hear those lovely British voices reciting the most godawful drivel, the most cliched creationist nonsense, the most ridiculous lies, and I guarantee you that after 20 minutes of that, those round vowels and gentle 'r's will sound to your ears like the braying nasalities of an episode of Hee Haw.

  • The Empire Blue Cross Strikes Back



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