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Links With Your Coffee


  • Weekly Ezine for Democrats
  • The Blind Locksmith Continued: An Update from Joe Thornton

    Behe takes a pounding, again.

  • Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending
  • Calvin Trillan's Theory
    According to Calvin Trillin (or, more accurately, the probably-at-least-semi-fictional interlocutor he meets at a bar in Midtown), the financial crisis was caused by smart people going to work on Wall Street. In the old days, the story goes, it was the lower third of the class that went to Wall Street, and “by the standards that came later, they weren’t really greedy. They just wanted a nice house in Greenwich and maybe a sailboat. A lot of them were from families that had always been on Wall Street, so they were accustomed to nice houses in Greenwich. They didn’t feel the need to leverage the entire business so they could make the sort of money that easily supports the second oceangoing yacht.”



Norm, The weekly ezine link is not correct. Correct link below:


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