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Links With Your Coffee


  • In Case You Missed It...

    Olbermann at his best.( Thanks to the Leftbanker for the heads up.)

  • Supreme Court Justice Scalia is a supremely clueless jerk
  • McCarthyism Is Now

  • Obama Bombs the Moon
  • Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • The 121st Skeptics Circle



    Regarding Scalia's idiocy, check out the grave in the left foreground here.

    re: scalia- again, a jew at the spearhead, arguing specifically as a jew against church/state entanglement. you sure you don't want to form an alliance? we're smarter than you, after all. and we have more lawyers per capita than anyone, anywhere. the bastards, i hope they rot in hell. but not before ensuring the democratic right to live as a non-christian in america. cuz yr not going to achieve this by sniping from the sidelines like we all love to do here.

    ...we're smarter than you, after all.

    Group identification sure comes in handy at times, doesn't jb? Lawyerly bastard!

    don't be a cockblocker. i'm in the manic phase of my psychological disorder, let me have my fun.

    Barack Obama win Nobel Peace Prize! His achievement? He's not George Bush. (Tip to my wife.)

    Yeah... the Obama Nobel Thing... yeah....... I almost feel sorry for him.

    Let us not forget that Henry Kissinger got it too. He had overthrown democratically elected govt, carpet bombed Cambodia and really only left Vietnam because we had lost.

    Woodrow Wilson got the award for preventing WWII.

    MLK very much deserved it, but was never an elected official and to the best of my knowledge was not terribly active in international diplomacy.

    I think, next year would make a lot more sense for Obama, but his historic election, stance on Iraq,Iran, diplomacy, focus on peace in the middle east, Gitmo, nuclear weapons are certainly valid qualifiers.

    The two wars, rendition, torture prosecutions, and the delays in closing GITMO do seem like valid reasons to hold off for a year. It certainly would be a lot more on message next year and I don't think they give this thing twice. Do they?

    re: olbermann- thanks to leftbanker for the headsup. i'm not a fan of olbermann, but he is personal here and thus effective. i also aim for this, up to but not including providing an address for potential assassins. :) leftbanker also does it on his blog and i respect him for this as a fellow expat- though i'm quite sure he's no fan of mine.

    anyway, olbermann says (in part 4) something like " a doctors first duty is to relieve pain". he goes on to expand on the importance of pain relief and how the current american health system with it's "pimps" makes this so difficult.

    my question is, the most effective pain relief known to man for the last 10000 years or so are opiates and their derivitaves. i'm sure health care "pimps" are a factor in so many americans living with chronic pain, but what about these two facts: 1., that the vast majority of the world's opium is produced in- well, whaddya know, afghanistan, a "state" the u.s. is currently at war with, and 2. the "war on drugs" makes it so risky for doctors to prescribe them that as a whole they are massively underprescribed and many "normal" (that is, not drug abusers like me) people suffer horribly as a result.

    anyone have anything to say about this? because i think my two points have a lot more to do with the problems olbermann is describing than the business pimps he's going after.


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