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Link With Your Coffee


  • My son called this morning to tell me about a program he thought I'd enjoy. Later I got an email from Patrick also touting the program. I don't have much time to post links today, but this should keep you busy. Read, listen and discuss.


    Onegoodmove reader Patrick writes: Michael J. Sandel is a Harvard philosophy professor whose course, Justice, is one of the most popular on campus. He is now releasing "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?" as a PBS series and a book. In the link above he is interviewed by Diane Rehm (audio link available from the page). Excellent hour of radio.



    That host hasn't exactly got a great radio voice.

    It's a medical condition. It has improved a bit in the last couple of years, I don't pay much attention to her voice anymore. She does a good job interviewing and to me that outweighs the rickety old lady voice that goes with it.

    Yes, I have a friend with the same condition. He takes something for it.

    I think Bobby Kennedy Jr. has the same condition.

    I'm not saying he isn't a great political philosopher (in some ways clearer thinking that Rawls) and he's better than knee-jerk conservatives, I just find communitarianism deeply suspect. If you want to see Sandel in practice check out The Case Against Perfection. Sandel leaves a very odd taste in the mouth.

    I think he goes too far, but there is some good stuff there too.


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