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Letter to the Editor

I wrote on the 14th that I'd submitted a letter to the editor, I was beginning to think they'd changed their mind about publishing it, but it finally appeared in today's paper.

Letter to the Editor

Tolerance, not respect
Public Forum Letter
Updated: 10/22/2009 05:08:52 PM MDT

In "LDS apostle under fire for analogy" ( Tribune , Oct. 14), LDS Apostle Dallin Oaks said: "During my lifetime I have seen a significant deterioration in the respect accorded to religion in our public life, and I believe that the vitality of religious freedom is in danger of being weakened accordingly." He went on to say, "Atheists and others would intimidate persons with religious-based points of view from influencing or making the laws of their state or nation."

Oaks needs to learn the difference between respect and tolerance. To respect is to consider worthy of high regard. To tolerate is to allow to be or be done without hindrance. Oaks and his church not only don't respect the civil rights of the gay community, they are intolerant of them. He amazingly accuses atheists, America's most hated minority, of endangering religious freedom. That's like Caesar accusing the Christians of endangering the lions.

Respect is earned. A religion that doesn't tolerate others certainly doesn't earn my respect. An institution that relies on dogma rather than rational thought isn't worthy of high regard. No religion or creed should be immune from criticism, but all of them ought to be tolerated.

Norm Jenson

note: The letter was a suggestion from my son Chris. The Tribune only allows a letter every 30 days and since he had recently had one of his published it was left to me. I wrote a rough draft and then we collaberated on the final version. It is a better letter than it would have been without his contributions.



glad to hear your opinions have been immortalized in ink on dead trees! well done! (that's how you know posterity really cares about you.)

Congrats!!! This should get some interesting feedback.

I just looked. Let's put it this way, the commenters there are for the most part idiots, mean-spritied idiots, and fools. Put on some boots before you wade into that cesspool.

At least one commenter said "thank you" to Norm :) (I didn't read them all.) What did your son write about?

There is a one letter every 30 day limit at the Tribune, Chris had already written one so we collaborated on the letter that was published it was a joint effort.

Glad that your letter was published. Anything like yours was bound to attract rabid responses, and you and your son Chris probably knew that.

Back to Jill's question - I'm guessing your son's letter was also about LDS and lack of tolerance, especially for the LGBT community - yes? no?


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