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Jesus and the Interpreter

tip to Chris




god, i'm SO glad i'm not, and never have been, a christian.

This is ignorant. It uses old testament readings to interpret Christ. It is amazingly stupid. I"m kind of shocked to see it on this page.

shock is good.

<.blockquote>It uses old testament readings to interpret Christ.

wtf? There is ONE quote from Deuteronomy, and unless I missed another there is nothing else here from the Old testament. As for whether Mr. 21st century Christian freely picks and chooses from the old and new testament alike – that was the point, wasn't it?

this is bloody stupid

I though we had established that.

Oh, Jesus, you rascal.

These guys are right, this is historically inaccurate. Now this, on the other hand...

And hey Becker, don't pity us... Ours is much better suited for comedy.

The last bit on evolution is the best.

much better suited to making fun of, you mean. for true comedy you must have a comedic worldview- something the jews have in spades.

I agree.. modern American Christians often have no idea what they guy really said, or even what his name was.


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