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Fox and Friends - Atheism - Christianity

Atheist Christopher Hitchens And Pastor Douglas Wilson Are Interviewed

tip to Josh



Anyone into special effects know what kind of waxy plastic compound they used to make the moderator?

Almost lifelike.


Interesting clip, but God, she is awful.

Wow, so hard to tell what position the moderator takes.

She seems almost amazed that her guests are civil.

i was pretty amazed by hitchen's civility (and restraint) myself. he must have a p.r. person telling him to cool it.

Have you seen Hitchens's debates? He's often the civil one. Must be the accent. Same as Dawkins and Harris. Even when Hitchens is insulting people directly (instead of the beliefs) there's a certain charm to it.

I enjoyed Hitch's riposte to her public school comment: "Yes. Science will beat pseudo-science everytime." Ha! Burrrrn.

I agree with Hitchens, I think intellectually honest christians like Wilson are much less annoying than others who dilute their beliefs to make them compatible with the real world. More dangerous, probably, but less annoying. Less annoying than wishy-washy agnostics too (maybe those are the most annoying, cause they're so quick to ignorantly judge "atheism" as another religion).


Both of the guests obviously have more on the ball then the host did.
Or has. Or ever will have. Fox plays up to the far right and right wing religious nuts then any other "news" channel. MSNBC leans to the left. Both, are owned by the same man. Mr. Murdock. Still, Gretchen was way out classed by both of the men. But remember, you don't have to know ANYTHING about what you're talking about as a Radio or TV talking head. You just have to SOUND like you do. You may all go out and be broadcasters now...

Damn, I hate TV! 4 minutes long segments, 3 minutes of speaking, divided between three people. Why do the guests even care to participate in such "debates"? I have dozens of TV channels available, many of them airing 24 hours a day, and this is what I get? 4 minutes!?

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