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Democartic Super Majority?

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what is with the "sorry, videos are not currently available in your country" message? The Daily Show is broadcast here (in the UK) and the above message WAS on the Bill Maher videos a day ago. I am also not allowed to watch the Mr Deity link. Frustration.

you should just be able to search Mr Deity on your crazy British version of youtube. Perhaps the whole Internets can't fit in the transatlantic cable that connects our series of tubes to yours.

So I vote Democrat rather than Green because I feel there's more voting power there. As teh days go by, I realize more that my vote is still wasted.

I did write all my reps plus some others on health care. At least Harkin and Boswell did write back. Grassley started sending me his newsletter. Oh the joy.

I am able to watch the videos in Spain except for the stuff on NBC.

As far as the Democrats in Congress, a couple of words come to mind: "Fucking pathetic" and "Why did I fucking vote for you pathetic losers?" I want to beat every one of them with a sock filled with horse shit.

Excuse the language but my Tourette's Syndrome is made worse with extreme frustration.

Some of them are actually great representatives of the people that fight for real reform. Sadly that is not more than 50%.

Comments like that of gypsy sister give me some hope for third parties and independents. If only disgruntled non-voters got on board as well. Even then, this is still a hard battle given the voting system and hideous election laws.

One word: Democartic.


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